A2IM Signs on to Joint Filing with Copyright Alliance for H.R. 1695

April 21, 2017

A2IM, along with the Copyright Alliance and 52 other organizations have filed together in favor of H.R. 1695. and it’s essential step in terms of modernizing antiquated copyright law.

This letter discusses how H.R. 1695 does the following:

  • Recognizes the Importance of Copyright to the U.S. Economy, Jobs and Culture
  • Restores Congress’ Power to Obtain Expert, Neutral Copyright Advice
  • Establishes a More Balanced, Neutral and Transparent Process for Selecting the Register
  • Is an Essential Step in Modernizing an Antiquated Copyright Office
  • Enjoys Widespread Bipartisan, Bicameral and Stakeholder Support

You can read the letter in full, here!