Our meteoric market-share growth is a true testament to the Independent spirit.

Since 2005, when A2IM formed, our sector has grown from a market share of under 25% to 37.32%. This significant increase illustrates the leadership role our sector has held over the last decade through our core objectives



A2IM is an organization dedicated to the interests of copyright holders. Together, we fight for equitable treatment in commerce, media, regulation, and airtime. By joining A2IM, you are given the opportunity to strengthen your connections with the independent music sector, digital services, key industry decision makers, and become an active part of the largest independent music community in the United States.

In addition to fighting major label/distribution streaming income diversion away from Independent sound recording owners in the form of “breakage”, A2IM works to guarantee that our members are receiving equitable treatment in licensing deal structures. We work with important partners such as YouTube, Apple, Pandora, Spotify, and Microsoft to organize group meetings between our members and key personnel at these service providers to maximize promotion and monetize our member’s music.

A2IM also works closely with SoundExchange to establish solutions addressing data and claims issues, including ensuring that royalty payouts are fairly attributed to the rightful owners. Our efforts include our presence on the SoundExchange Board and committees, data cleansing, more transparent search and claiming system, member education on SoundExchange programs, DMCA Notice/enforcement assistance, and proper attribution in repertoire disputes between Indies and majors. In 2014, A2IM also secured a sizable pro rata rebate of over $600,000, “the Advocacy adjustment,” from major labels on behalf of Independent labels.

A2IM assists our members in staying at the forefront of negotiations surrounding new digital services, including providing introductions to key decision makers, coordinating product-launch presentations, and providing feedback on important issues affecting the Independent label community.

  • Indie Week is A2IM’s global spotlight event, bringing together 1000+ Independent music
    executives from the US and 25 countries (including Australia, Canada, France, Norway, China, and more). Indie Week is four days of industry panels, workshops, one-on-ones, networking events, and more.
  • The Libera Awards, the capstone on Indie Week, is A2IM’s annual award gala celebrating and
    honoring Independent milestones and extraordinary music. Complete with dinner, performances, networking after parties, this is the Independent community’s time to shine.
  • A2IM SynchUp, A2IM’s growing West Coast flagship event. This sold-out one-day event focuses on digital capacity and synch licensing, with presentations from top DSPs and meeting series with renowned music supervisors, happens poolside on a Santa Monica beach.
  • SXSW Breakfast – our annual event in Austin that provides great networking opportunity for the A2IM member community where we organize Executive One-on-One Sessions between members.
  • Attend official A2IM receptions at conferences throughout the year to network with fellow members at Music Biz (Nashville), Midem (Cannes), AmericanaFest (Nashville), Reeperbahn (Hamburg), ADE (Amsterdam), etc.

A2IM and our members engage directly with iHeartMedia and CBS radio to increase Independent airplay on FM radio. Additionally, we are members of MusicFIRST, a coalition aimed at securing an AM/FM radio performance right for sound recording owners.

A2IM is allotted slots at iHeart Music Summits for our members to present their radio priorities to iHeart’s national executives, brand management teams, and top programmers.

Be active participants in the conversations surrounding the current and future state of music!

• Government Agency Filings: A2IM files with agencies such as the DOJ, FTC, and FCC to ensure equal licensing terms and access for Independents.

• Copyright Royalty Board (CRB): A2IM contributes to rate setting hearings to ensure fair and equitable rates for Independent labels and their artists

• Advocacy on Capitol Hill: A2IM is a member of the Copyright Alliance and actively builds relationships with the White House, legislators on Capitol Hill and in State governments.

• U.S. Copyright Office: A2IM meets with the Register of Copyrights, and the Copyright Office’s General Counsel, files comments, and takes part in roundtable discussions on proposed changes to copyright law.

• Congressional Judiciary Committee Testimonies: A2IM represents the Independent community via testimonies and statements such as those made before the House Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet, and the Senate Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet.

• ICANN – DOT.MUSIC gTLD: A2IM has been a leading advocate for a community-based administrator for the .MUSIC generic top-level domain name. A non-community based administrator of .MUSIC could result in diminished protections against piracy and further damage to the health of our industry.

• Performance Rights on Terrestrial Radio: A2IM is actively involved in seeking a U.S. performance right for sound recordings. Because of international reciprocity agreements, the lack of a Terrestrial Radio Right costs companies that do not have foreign domiciles, millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Take advance of numerous member services including general business advice, White Papers and education on important initiatives, networking opportunities, and special offers.

• Foreign Royalties: A2IM educates our membership on Ex-US royalties, including circulating White Papers from international affiliates.

• PR on Behalf of Independents: A2IM works to ensure Independent labels receive well-deserved profiles in trade and consumer press. We publicly respond to hot-button issues affecting our community including licensing deals, the Global Street Date, the Terrestrial Performance Right. We share member success stories such as Indies and our numerous GRAMMY wins and continue to spread the word that Independents make up the largest sales market share in our industry.

• A2IM Committees: A2IM offers our members a chance to participate in member-run committees ranging from Brand Partnerships, Digital Media & Emerging Technology, Licensing & Publishing, Radio. This is an opportunity to engage with fellow members and learn from their expertise.

• Networking Opportunities: A2IM members receive priority interactions with key industry decision makers at our events, SXSW, MIDEM, Reeperbahn and more. In addition, we coordinate Executive One-on-One Sessions at Indie Week, SXSW, LA Synch Up and Reeperbahn.

• Sync Licensing Opportunities: We foster strong relationships with music licensors and supervisors at licensing events in LA, NY, Nashville & Chicago.

• Membership gives you access to special discounts including registration at major music conferences and events.
• Recent discounts have included SXSW (Austin), MIDEM (Cannes), Music Biz (Nashville), Amsterdam Dance Event (Amsterdam) and many more.


A2IM’s Associate Member Program is designed for companies to have a portal to the American Independent label community. These members comprise of service or solution providers who do business with, rely upon, or otherwise support the Independent music community.

• A2IM provides provides a platform for introductions to over 600 of the top Independent record labels, and nearly 150 non-label member music companies, including DSPs, distributors, tech companies, and many more.
• Access to and listing in A2IM member directory.
• Priority Invitations for co-branding and sponsorships with A2IM and our member companies at high profile industry events.

• Networking opportunities for A2IM members include priority interactions with key industry
decision makers at A2IM events, including private receptions at SXSW, Music Biz, and more.
• Executive One-on-Ones are meetings in which members can connect through curated 10-15 minute meetings. These One-on-Ones currently take place at Indie Week (NYC).

  • Indie Week is A2IM’s global spotlight event, bringing together 1000+ Independent music executives from the US and 25 countries (including Australia, Canada, France, Norway, China, and more). Indie Week is four days of industry panels, workshops, one-on-ones, networking events, and more. Taking place in person in NYC June 13-16, 2022.
  • The Libera Awards, the capstone on Indie Week, is A2IM’s annual awards ceremony honoring Independent milestones and extraordinary music. An in-person component to the show is currently being explored.
  • Q3 + 4 events TBA, pending safety.

• Invite A2IM member to your event with placement on our A2IM Member events calendar.
• Two yearly member spotlights as the top feature on A2IM.org, in A2IM’s industry newsletter, and social accounts.

• Two yearly Featured Executive spotlights to promote leading executives within your firm.

• Membership gives you access to special discounts including registration at major music conferences and events, pertinent industry services, and even select travel reductions.
• Opportunities to promote your service through our member-only special offers area yourself.

• A2IM associate membership grants member benefit to all full-time employees of member

are you ready to join our community?

being an a2im member

A2IM is a 100% dues-supported organization. We recognize the entrepreneurial spirit of our members and the need to do what’s in each individual business’s best interests. 


No A2IM member gives up an ounce of their Independence. Our organization embraces various operations and business practices; A2IM never negotiates deals on your behalf. Instead, we foster a climate of respect towards Independent businesses, and strive for equity for all content creators.