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being an a2im member

A2IM is a 100% dues-supported organization. We recognize the entrepreneurial spirit of our members and the need to do what’s in each individual business’s best interests. No A2IM member gives up an ounce of their Independence. Our organization embraces various operations and business practices; A2IM never negotiates deals on your behalf. Instead, we foster a climate of respect towards Independent businesses, and strive for equity for all content creators.
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Label Memberships

A2IM is an organization dedicated to the interests of copyright holders. Together, we fight for equitable treatment in commerce, media, regulation, and airtime. By joining A2IM, you are given the opportunity to strengthen your connections with the independent music sector, digital services, key industry decision makers, and become an active part of the largest independent music community in the United States.

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Associate Memberships

A2IM’s Associate Member Program is designed for companies to have a portal to the American Independent label community. These members comprise of service or solution providers who do business with, rely upon, or otherwise support the Independent music community.

A2IM Artist Pro

In August 2023, A2IM added A2IM: Artist Pro! A2IM Artist Pro shares the same mission as A2IM Artist and offers more benefits such as access to low cost health insurance for sole proprietors starting as low as $99, a la carte insurance options, discounted services from A2IM Associate Members and more.

A2IM Artist

A2IM:Artist is your gateway to essential content. In February 2020, A2IM launched A2IM:Artist to help Independent Recording Artists optimize their careers by providing crucial information and networking opportunities. There is no cost to be an A2IM:Artist member.

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