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Get ready to unlock unprecedented merchandise revenue and transform your live show merch management with Merch Cat. Easily process sales, track inventory, settle shows and get valuable MerchMetrics with our user-friendly platform. 

Get ready to unlock unprecedented merchandise revenue and transform your live show merch management with Merch Cat, a user-friendly platform for artists and their teams. 

With an intuitive interface and artist-friendly pricing at $10.99/month or $109.99/year, Merch Cat streamlines live show inventory tracking, sales processing and reporting including venue settlements, all from your iOS device. Our MerchMetrics dashboard provides actionable and understandable insights, empowering musicians to maximize their merch revenue while doing what they love. 

Merch Cat is integrated with Square for payment processing, providing a seamless experience at the merch table. Real-time inventory tracking with show count-in and count-out ensures that you’re not selling out of stock items and acts as a benchmark for re-ordering so you’re not leaving money on the table.

Merch Cat has a Bandsintown integration to import show dates and venue information to track sales by show. Auto-generated settlement sheets with venue cut calculations help simplify the end of show process by doing the math for you. 

Leverage the power of data with our MerchMetrics dashboard. Get actionable insights on what styles, sizes and types of merch fans are buying. Understand sales trends, and best sellers by size, style and price. Track profit, and see remaining inventory at a glance. Data is a critical component of any merch strategy and the key to maximizing merch sales, and Merch Cat lets you have it. 

Ever watch fans walk off the merch line? Keep them happy and further capitalize on the in the moment artist-fan connection by giving them more ways to buy merch at shows. Merch Cat Fan, our connected direct to fan app, enables fans to buy merch before, during or after the show with merch table pick up and ship to home options, expanding sales potential at shows beyond the merch table.

Our Merch Cat Fan webstore acts as an extension of the app and can integrate with an artist’s website via an embeddable widget. Simply connect to the fan interface through your Merch Cat app profile and you’re ready to go. Sales from Merch Cat Fan are incorporated into the Merch Metrics dashboard to keep all data centralized in one place, and any fan data we capture is yours. 

Turn stagefront into storefront and make every merch decision backed by data. Merch Better with Merch Cat! 

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