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Associate Member News: Puntilla Launches El Central

El Central by Puntilla is on! We’re launching a new opportunity for Latin composers and songwriters for the first time. Learn more and apply by June 14th for the chance to win one of three prizes for your creativity. Check out the info below!

Calling all Songwriters and Composers 📣
Are you a Latin composer with a flair for originality? If so, we invite you to join us in this new opportunity to showcase your creativity.

Elevating Latin Music
Puntilla, a prominent player in the Latin music scene, is thrilled to announce a call for submissions to nurture the musical endeavors of composers across Latin America. Based in Miami, our company specializes in various facets of the music industry, from record labels to distribution and marketing. At Puntilla, we’re passionate about amplifying the Latin beat and championing the diverse voices of independent musicians.

Submission Guidelines
Composers of all ages are encouraged to participate by submitting original, unpublished works featuring music and lyrics in Spanish. Whether your style is tropical, contemporary, or experimental, we welcome and celebrate all forms of musical expression.

Deadline and Review Process
The submission deadline is June 14, 2024, providing ample time for composers to refine their creations. A distinguished jury, including renowned figures from the composition and production fields and a Puntilla representative, will review each submission meticulously.

Prizes and Recognition
Exciting prizes await the winners, including cash rewards, publishing, production, and distribution opportunities with Puntilla and social media campaigns. From monetary incentives to invaluable exposure, our prizes aim to celebrate and support the outstanding talent within our community.

Unveiling Talent
The jury’s verdict will be announced publicly during the first week of July 2024. Following authentication, Puntilla will unveil the winners’ identities, celebrating their contributions to Latin music.

Seize the Opportunity
If you’re a composer eager to share your musical vision with the world, seize this opportunity to participate in our call for submissions. Let your creativity soar, and join us in this journey to showcase our culture.

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