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Echo Base, Athens Georgia’s innovative vinyl manufacturing and distribution company, revolutionizes physical music for independent artists with their sustainable practices and musician-focused services. Echo Base is dedicated to accessible and affordable vinyl production, direct-to-fan relationships, and environmental stewardship.

Echo Base, a pioneering force in the music industry based in Athens, is shifting the landscape of vinyl manufacturing and distribution. Founded by Michael Greig Thomas, Echo Base is not just a company but a manifestation of the passion and expertise of its musician-driven team.

Musician-Centric Approach:
At Echo Base, the ethos revolves around catering to the needs of independent musicians. With over 15 years of experience in the independent music scene, the team understands the challenges faced by artists. They prioritize the affordability and accessibility of vinyl production, offering an alternative to the bulk orders typically required by larger labels.

Innovative Technology:
Echo Base distinguishes itself through its groundbreaking approach to vinyl manufacturing. Traditional pressing often involve heavy infrastructure and environmental costs. However, Echo Base developed a closed-loop heating and cooling system powered by electricity that significantly reduces both costs and environmental impact. This innovative technology not only streamlines the manufacturing process but also enables flexibility in production locations

Direct-to-Fan Services:
Beyond manufacturing, Echo Base provides comprehensive services, managing web stores and shipping packages directly to fans. This hands-on approach alleviates the burden on artists, allowing them to focus on their craft while Echo Base handles the logistics. The company’s on-demand pressing model, akin to a Kickstarter campaign, empowers artists to gauge demand without upfront costs.

Environmental Sustainability:
Echo Base is committed to sustainability, addressing the environmental concerns inherent in vinyl production. Beyond its manufacturing equipment, Echo Base is invested in and collaborating with British material science startup Evolution Music to developing new materials that offer durability without the environmental drawbacks of traditional PVC. 

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