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Associate Member Spotlight: Symphony OS

The new game-changer website tool by SymphonyOS: a multi-functional command center allowing creators to market, own data, and rapidly grow audiences through personalized websites.

SymphonyOS Unleashes Creator Control with Powerful Website Tool

Build Personalized Sites

The team at SymphonyOS has unveiled a groundbreaking new addition to their platform – the highly customizable Website Tool. This feature equips artists and creators with the ability to construct visually captivating websites that transcend just an online presence. These sites become multi-functional hubs for marketing, data collection, and fan connections.

At its core, the Website Tool offers a canvas for complete personalization. Creators can craft their site’s look and feel by exploring a million of potential combinations spanning themes, fonts, color palettes and imagery. The tool even allows playlist curators to generate dedicated Playlist Pages primed for streaming conversion right from SymphonyOS.

Marketing Fueled by Fan Insights

The innovation extends far beyond the visual appeal to creators and their fans. Symphony’s Dashboard arms creators with invaluable audience insights – from pageview metrics and traffic sources to in-depth streaming data. SymphonyOS’ AI technology empowers data-driven marketing by allowing artists to analyze this intelligence and hyper-target their promotional efforts for peak effectiveness.

Adding to its robust capabilities, the Website Tool introduces the Data Collector – giving creators the ability to directly collect fan data: emails, numbers, names, through Symphony and putting it into a unified database. By intersecting behavioral patterns, creators can forge deeper audience connections through personalized digital experiences that cultivate engagement.

The fan intelligence powering this tool puts creators in the driver’s seat of their own data ownership. All insights collected funnel straight into the user’s personal Dashboard for anytime access and unlimited export capabilities into CSV format. 

Complete Control Over Your Online Presence

The new website tool also offers Pro users customization options like custom links and editable URLs, providing creators with greater control over how their online brands are presented to the world.

With this new Website Tool, SymphonyOS has raised the bar for what an independent artist’s online presence can achieve. As a multi-functional command center for marketing, data and audience growth, it’s a game-changing asset for any creator striving to cut through the noise and forge direct superfan relationships.

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