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A2IM Statements on AI: Biden EO on AI and G7 Principles and Code

President Biden’s executive order (EO) on AI focuses more on critical infrastructure, cybersecurity, and consumer privacy. It did address intellectual property (IP) concerns in section 5.2(c) where the EO directs the US Patent and Trademark Office to issue recommendations on copyright and AI.

Some have expressed their concerns about the lack of clear directives on copyright issues related to generative AI platforms. A2IM believes it’s critical for us to protect our American creatives, and the businesses that support them for economic and cultural reasons.

There is plenty of discussion going on in this area though, the US Copyright Office is currently seeking public input on copyright law and policy issues concerning generative AI.

Here are some highlights from the G7 Hiroshima AI Guiding Principles:

  •  Principle 11 includes references to the protection of intellectual property
  •  Principle 11 also includes references to compliance with applicable legal frameworks and respect for IP, including copyright-protected content
  • The Principles and Code also refers to trustworthy and human-centric AI as well as the need for transparency of training datasets
  • Organizations are encouraged to implement appropriate data input measures and protections for personal data and intellectual property
  • Measures should be taken to manage data quality and mitigate harmful biases
  • Transparency of training datasets should be supported, and organizations should comply with applicable legal frameworks
  • Measures should include privacy-preserving training techniques and fine-tuning to ensure systems do not divulge confidential or sensitive data
  • Organizations should implement safeguards and respect rights related to privacy and intellectual property, including copyright-protected content
  • Organizations should also comply with applicable legal frameworks.

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