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Introducing CoverNet by MatchTune, a groundbreaking AI-powered copyright detection tool, arming rights-holders with unparalleled oversight over unauthorized music use, including unlicensed covers & AI vocal clones.

Comprehensive Copyright Infringement Detection

AI music technology company MatchTune has unveiled CoverNet, an AI-powered music copyright infringement detection tool that surpasses traditional “audio fingerprinting” technology by meticulously scanning all DSPs and UGC platforms for otherwise-obscure infringements such as unlicensed covers and AI-generated vocal clones. With an intuitive interface that delivers detailed, real time updates, CoverNet is set to be the music industry’s go-to platform for rights oversight. Dive in to explore the ingenuity behind this breakthrough.

Detecting Copyright Infringements: The Challenge

Managing copyright in a saturated and burgeoning digital music space is a significant industry pain point and, as technology continues to gain versatility, this is a threat that is only becoming more severe and elusive. Traditional “audio fingerprinting” technology – which consists of creating an acoustic identity of a song that’s later used to recognize and flag exact matches of an artist’s master online – is, by definition, ineffectual when it comes to catching more obscure copyright breaches. These include music covers or song alterations, in which the audio waveform is no longer identical to the master.

Now, AI-generated “deep fake” music has added an additional layer of complexity to this problem, making it near-impossible to even distinguish between human and AI-generated creations. For instance, an AI-generated vocal clone of Dua Lipa singing a Bruno Mars song could easily evade copyright detection under the same audio fingerprinting principles.

This combination of unlicensed covers and AI-generated “deep fake” music has elevated the threat of copyright infringement to unprecedented levels, which consequently amounts to increased revenue losses for rights-holders. To establish more control and prevent further revenue leaks from such modern instances of infringement, equally innovative technology is necessary.

AI & Music Copyright: The Solution

Composed of a team of musicians, MatchTune witnessed first-hand this pain point burgeon and intensify within the music industry. This was all the impetus needed to develop and launch CoverNet, a sophisticated AI-powered platform dedicated to recognizing music copyright infringements, by meticulously scanning all key DSPs and UGC platforms for any undetected copyright breaches.

Surpassing traditional audio fingerprinting, CoverNet is capable of identifying both unlicensed covers and AI-generated vocal clones with an astonishing 99.9% accuracy – even with considerable changes in voice, language, pitch, style, or rhythm. CoverNet delivers in-depth, real-time reporting within an intuitive dashboard that’s customizable to your needs and goals.

Thanks to this technology, MatchTune provides rights-holders with an unprecedented overview of every single copyright infringement of their creative output, allowing them to flag and take action upon each at their own discretion – and thus to effectively claim back what is rightfully theirs. CoverNet is the comprehensive solution to the enduring industry challenges, catering to publishers, CMOs, PROs, and record labels.

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