Associate Member Spotlight: Spotify Ad Studio

November 6, 2017

The first audio self-serve advertising platform is officially open for business. Introducing Spotify Ad Studio, a new platform that allows you to create and manage audio ad campaigns directly on Spotify. It’s never been easier to reach the right listeners in the right moment.

Spotify Ad Studio accommodates flexible budgets and provides a simple, intuitive interface that lets you get your message heard. Here’s how it works.

  • Reach the right fans. Spotify Ad Studio’s targeting features let you target an audience based on age, gender, location, activity and even music taste. You can select mobile, desktop or both so your ad reaches listeners in the right context. And for the first time ever, you can use Fan Targeting to specifically reach fans of an artist that you’re promoting in your ad.
  • Create your ad. Share your script, upload your background track and voila! Spotify Ad Studio will create a fully-produced audio ad for you to review, free of charge, complete with a recorded voiceover. If you already have an audio ad, that works, too—simply upload it with one click.
  • Set your budget and track results. Input your budget and select the duration of your campaign. Then track the results to see how your audience is responding.

With its simple interface and robust targeting features, Ad Studio gives marketers a one-stop shop to easily manage campaigns and get your message heard.

Ready to make your first ad? Sign up on the Spotify Ad Studio website today.

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