Associate Member Spotlight: Marauder

September 25, 2017

Marauder is proud to present the first ever Marauder Radio Room at Mondo.NYC. This exclusive opportunity for attending college radio stations to record interviews and live studio sessions with showcasing artists will take place Thursday, October 5, 12-5pm at Rockwood Music Hall; anyone with a Mondo.NYC badge can walk in and out of the room at their leisure as part of the conference’s daytime programming.

Marauder has built the Marauder Radio Room as a learning environment for stations, granting them the tools and knowledge to record their own original content. While Marauder will be overseeing the day’s activities (including matching participating stations with artists whose sessions they will record), the stations in attendance will be hands-on, simulating a high-level professional broadcasting situation. The participating stations will air the sessions on their airwaves upon returning from the conference.

How the Marauder Radio Room will work:

  • Participating college radio stations are paired with Mondo.NYC showcasing artists
  • Student broadcasters will be actively involved in the technical and production aspects of these sessions
  • During live sessions, artists will be interviewed between performing songs
  • Sessions will be pre-recorded in front of a live audience to be aired following the conference

About Marauder:

Marauder is a boutique music marketing firm with a focus on developing emerging talent within North America. By custom creating long-term strategy and services for each client’s specific needs, Marauder shows a true prowess in media and industry engagement. Its unique advantage in the market comes from not just providing services to its clients but also putting them in position to grow.

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