Associate Member Spotlight: Citrin Cooperman

January 10, 2017

Citrin Cooperman is among the leading, nationally recognized full-service accounting firms with a specialization in the music industry. Founded in 1979, Citrin Cooperman is currently ranked in the top 25 firms in the United States. Our dedicated entertainment group is unique within the accounting and consulting industry in that a holistic approach is taken to address the needs of our clients. The industries our clientele participate in include music, film, television, media, publishing, sports, and theatre.

From setting up and structuring the business side of an entertainer’s career to performing catalog valuations as part of their retirement planning, we’re here to provide guidance and insight so you can focus on what counts – your music.

Citrin Cooperman can help with a variety of music focused services including:

  • Tour accounting
  • Budget preparation and supervision
  • Financial supervision and payroll administration
  • Contract negotiations
  • Royalty administration and management
  • Royalty and licensing audits
  • Insurance review
  • Intellectual property and catalog valuations
  • Central withholding agreements (CWA)
  • Concierge services

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