A2IM & WIN Partner with MUSO

July 13, 2017

A2IM and WIN have partnered with content protection company MUSO to offer the A2IM / WIN powered by MUSO portal for A2IM label members free catalogue monitoring. All A2IM label members can take advantage of this offering, with a reasonable pricing structure [listed below] to upgrade for takedowns.

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A2IM Member pricing for upgrading to automatic takedowns is:

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About MUSO

MUSO is a technology company providing content protection, market tracking and audience connection solutions that disrupt the global digital piracy market.

MUSO powers the world’s largest database of metadata on real-time behaviour across the piracy market. We enable the global content industry to limit distribution of unlicensed content, while measuring global demand in real time, developing solutions to reach bigger and better engaged audiences online.