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Member Spotlight – Korrect Royalty Software

Get the Benefits of Outsourcing Without the High Costs

Korrect software – industry-leading royalties solution provider launches new Hybrid Royalty Service.

Outsourcing is about pulling in experts at the right time and at the right cost – all too often outsourcing your royalties means you are paying a high consultancy fee for all areas of work. Korrect addresses this by having tiered costs for the various skillset within the royalty operation, meaning a lower cost for data management than contract consultancy.

Our clients can pick and choose the areas they want Korrect to assist with – a true “a la carte” offering. Our service gives you the best technology coupled with many years of extensive royalty management for all your company’s needs.

Korrect’s New Hybrid Service

We will constantly review your business processes and requirements in order to work out a plan of action. This enables the perfect workflow for you to run the administration side of your business.

We have consultants based in New York, Los Angeles, UK, and Europe, who will assist in looking at all royalty and mechanical queries – helping you to decide on contract setup, the way data is processed and presented, and helping you to strive to meet your deadlines each period.

Fed up with waiting for files to load constantly into your legacy system? Our data management team will ensure your bulk data is loaded as efficiently as possible and also work with you on its’ reconciliation for each period of reporting.

Utilize our new affiliate and approval functions to efficiently account to all your recipients at the lowest cost while keeping peace of mind for transparency and complete accountability of all your obligations.


New Approval Function

Korrect has introduced a new approval mechanism which complements our new service – all clients can specify a flexible approach to the sign off process for any period of accounting.

Korrect can produce the statements to a specific level, notifying the specified approvers at the client’s business to then review and approve. No statements will ever go out the door until all the checks have been made.


Email and Third-Party Logins

Korrect has an extensive email feature where both PDF and Excel attachments can be sent automatically to the clients contracted parties – artists, producers, and licensors.


The client can also choose to give out user access to the contracted third parties to view their data through our affiliate’s portal. Login access can be provided to artists, their management companies (to multiple artists they look after), or the label to see all their artists.

Korrect has an entry level system as low as $500 a month with an hourly rate of $65 for royalty consultancy (including license management) and $30 for data processing.

As a special offer to A2IM members- free on-site consultancy (in NY/LA)!

Contact Grace at the email below to chat about Korrect’s services.

Website – www.korrectsw.com

Grace Wojcik – [email protected]

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