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A2IM Associate Member Spotlight: Pinnacle Financial Partners’ mission is to help make more music

A2IM Associate Member Spotlight: Pinnacle Financial Partners’ mission is to help make more music 

Pinnacle’s Andy Moats likes to say that he and his team don’t just bank the music industry. They’re in the music industry.

And it’s true. They do bank artists, musicians, songwriters, managers, labels, publishers and just about every other job you can find in the music business. But for the creative class, the word “banker” just doesn’t cover it.

On the team are a successful songwriter recently signed to a major publishing deal and a former label A&R and promotions manager. They work alongside a whole host of others who have spent their entire careers answering 3 a.m. phone calls from tour buses and reviewing song catalogs, not just financial statements.

Then there’s Moats himself. He grew up in Nashville surrounded by and playing music. He’s a drummer who spent countless hours on a tour bus. And he got into music banking for just one reason: to help more artists and musicians succeed. 

Andy Moats – Pinnacle

“I look at some of our clients and think about how we’ve watched their entire journey from the start to the top,” he says. “From a credit card to 9-figure music publishing transactions, we serve the entire spectrum of the industry. It’s the chance to help bring more great music into the world that gets us out of bed in the morning.”

So what does it take to get it done?

“It takes an insider’s knowledge of the industry and of an artist’s potential,” Moats says. “If you look at the creative class the same way you do real estate or making widgets in a factory, you can’t really help anybody. You have to be willing to be a member of their team and step outside the role of a traditional banker. It’s a 24/7 job, so it has to start with a love for music.”

“At the end of the day, I know our team will do whatever it takes to help bring more great music into the world. They’ve been doing it for years as bankers and in the industry. No one else can match their level of expertise or their willingness to deliver the kind of service that creatives need. For that reason, I will always be proud of them what we do together.”

Get a taste of the team’s thoughts on changes the industry and see what they can do!

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