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Lost your stems? AudioShake can create high-quality stems that can be delivered for sync, remixing, Dolby Atmos mixes, fan engagement, and interactive audio projects for any indie artist, label, or publisher.

From sync licensing to remixing to mastering, stems are powering huge and established avenues of opportunity in the music industry. But beyond these traditional uses, AudioShake has found new partners, uses, and possibilities for stems in burgeoning areas like interactive audio. Below, are examples of how AudioShake has used stems – and how labels can use their libraries – for new revenue and creative opportunities in interactive audio.

How Interactive Soundscapes are Built with Stems

Interactive audio is a growing trend in fitness, gaming, and social apps, focused on matching music to the movement and actions of a listener. You’ve likely already experienced the concept in games like Dance, Dance Revolution (DDR) or Guitar Hero. When you pluck the plastic string or stomp on the correct arrow, the music rewards you by progressing the song or adding in new instrument layers. In both, you’ve composed a custom song with your actions. 

But interactive audio is more than helping interact and build these audio experiences. It can mean a fitness app subtly changing the music to keep pace with your movements, or a social or AR app syncing audio to a user’s actions. The AR app Minibeats, for example, has worked with Rhino Records and AudioShake to make classic tracks like “Green Onions” by Booker T. & the M.G.s responsive to a user’s movements. Meanwhile, the adaptive music system, Reactional, is able to make gaming soundscapes responsive to gameplay, based on the characters movements, location, progress, etc.

Stems are at the core of these customized audio experiences. To make the drums really snap! when the AR fitness app user punches the sky, you need to be able to work with the drum stem. If you want to hear only the bass of a song when the hero of a videogame enters the dark and foreboding cave, you’ll need those bass stems. 

Opening Up Thousands of Tracks with Standardized Stems

That’s where AudioShake comes in. Our patented technology can create standardized audio assets that are ideal for a programming environment—avoiding the prohibitive amount of work that would be required if a game or app wanted to work with thousands of tracks. 

In our increasingly interactive world, AudioShake is working with rightsholders and third parties to create stems for these applications. Labels that want to learn more about creating stems and opportunities in interactive audio can get in touch with our team at [email protected]

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