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Chordal exits BETA, announces partnership with AudioShake – A2IM Member Spotlight

Written by Chordal

Chordal is creating a new era of collaboration between the music and content industries, with the goal of elevating artists’ opportunities in sync.

What’s Chordal?

We started Chordal with a belief that visual creatives want to use great music from real artists for their projects. Any hurdles standing in the way of that arise from some combination of: ease of discovery, limited file access, rights clearance issues, or budget constraints. As it turns out, a human being is needed to resolve all four of those, so in our view, a solution to directing as much sync business as possible towards artists wouldn’t be fully automated and human-less: it would put people at the center. We got together with a group of music supervisors close to us and asked them what they loved most about their jobs. Unsurprisingly, being creative always ranked first. Sync is a highly curatorial, human-powered business, but a large part of it is still bureaucratic and administrative, and as content continues to grow exponentially, any time saved on the latter to earn more time for the former is gladly welcomed. So our goal with Chordal was simple: streamline the boring parts and amplify the creative parts by connecting people together in new ways.

Chordal co-founders

How does it work?

On Chordal, rights holders and reps are socially connected by the music rights they have on each track in their catalog. Not only does this enable huge collaboration potential between them (from curation and creative pitching, to rights management and shared analytics), it empowers people in the content industry to find everyone in one place when they discover a song they love. That, when combined with multiple AI solutions to supercharge that discovery piece (developed both in-house and with 3rd party partners), creates an online music licensing community powering huge amounts of new opportunity for real artists and the people who represent them.

AudioShake Partnership

One such AI partner is AudioShake, a fellow A2IM member who recently had a great spotlight piece on leveraging AI to land sync deals. We recently announced a partnership with AudioShake called Auto-Instrumental that will empower rights holders to offer the content industry the first ever on-demand instrumental solution for their music. As Jessica pointed out in her article, instrumentals are almost always needed for a sync deal to get done. Chordal is already becoming one of the largest repositories of approved instrumentals and stems in the world, but what if they aren’t online yet, or don’t even exist yet? In sync, speed is key when deadlines are tight and creative juices are flowing. Auto-Instrumental will provide the much needed instant access for music supervisors, while still giving rights holders the opportunity to upload the official instrumental to Chordal if they are able to obtain it later. All AI instrumentals require rights holder approval, but again the key is speed in the creative workflow, and that’s what this will enable. Learn More.

How to Join Chordal

We’re thrilled that after nearly 5 years of working with industry professionals at the tops of their fields in all corners of the music and content spaces, we’re exiting our BETA. Chordal is currently a space for businesses and sync professionals to connect around the world, but we are also introducing an edition for indie artists soon. Follow the links below to find the version that’s best for you.

To learn more, visit Chordal.com

For Companies: Apply Now

For Indie Artists: Signup for Early Discount

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