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Associate Member Spotlight: Repost Network

Repost Network Acquires SCPlanner and Artist Engine. Free Accounts now Available to Repost Network Artists!

Repost Network is ecstatic to announce that they have acquired French-based companies SCPlanner and Artist Engine. Their first step is to offer FREE ACCOUNTS with both services for any member of Repost Network.

Both sites will continue to exist as stand-alone services, and will be available to the general public despite the acquisition; however, both companies will eventually gain access to Repost Network’s SoundCloud monetization and distribution pipelines to greater expand their service offerings.

SCPlanner is a dashboard and community site which has built automation and data tools around uploading, scheduling, reposting, and playlist placement on platforms such as SoundCloud and Spotify. SCPlanner has become the go-to marketing tool kit for labels such as Disciple Records, Run the Trap, Artist Union, and some of the other largest brands in electronic music.

Artist Engine is one of the longest standing Follow for Download services. Artist Engine allows SoundCloud channels to add an external link to the download button of their track, and once prompted, forces the listener to follow the channel on SoundCloud in exchange for a free download. This is one of the most commonly used tactics towards building an audience base on SoundCloud.

Gilles, the founder of SCPlanner and Artist Engine, commented on the acquisition:

I am very excited about this new chapter for SCPlanner and its users. As a big fan of the work Repost Network has been doing for artists and labels, I strongly believe that their revenue tools combined with our marketing and infrastructure based tools will create a must-have service offering for artists looking to build a living in this industry.

Jeff Ponchick, CEO of Repost Network, expressed his excitement as well:

Gilles and his team have consistently knocked the ball out of the park on both services they have created, and as such, they have advanced the very way in which higher performing artists interact with the SoundCloud platform. We’re excited to bring in such a visionary product team to the Repost Network, and to continue to roll out more service offerings so that more creatives can make a living through their music online. At the end of the day, SoundCloud is a creator-driven platform, and the tools which support such creators are the linchpin of the platform.

For more details on the acquisition, feel free to reach out to [email protected]. In the meantime, enjoy your free SCPlanner accounts!

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