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Associate Member Spotlight: Lakeside Management Group

You’re Invited to Paul Loren’s VIP showcase on August 9th in NYC.

Leading a new generation of soulful crooners, Paul Loren is a singer, songwriter, producer and consummate entertainer.

A native New Yorker, Paul was raised on the rich legacy of soul, classic pop, and the Great American Songbook and in those musical idioms he feels most at home. Taking elements from early R&B, jazz and Brill Building pop, he crafts his music with an ear towards timelessness.

In the past two years Paul as he performed on his first National Tour in support of Brendan James, opened for “The Temptations” as part of Stamford’s Summer Concert Series “Wednesday Night Live”, and sold out Joe’s Pub at the Public in NYC multiple times. Paul was also selected by Jennifer Lopez to perform at her Birthday Gala in Las Vegas, was a featured artist at the AAA Radio Convention in Boulder Colorado, and shared the stage with Paul Shaffer, Queen Latifah, and Christie Brinkley at Target’s launch event for New York Fashion Week. Paul’s appearance on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” showcased his talents for millions of viewers; with a winning song and viral video to boot. In addition, Paul landed his first television sync on NBC’s “Mysteries of Laura”, performed on the Nationally Syndicated Radio Show America Weekend with Ed Kalegi, partnered with The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, showcased at the headquarters of the world-renowned Leo Burnett Ad in Chicago and had the unique honor of performing at the legendary STAX Museum in Memphis Tennessee. He is also a finalist in the “Unsigned Only” singer songwriter competition for 2018. Paul’s upcoming LP release is being recorded at his “Five & Dime” studio in Brooklyn on old magnetic tape machines and features world-class live musicians.

Paul is currently managed by Lakeside Management Group, based in New York. With over twenty years of both independent and major label experience, Lakeside Management Group’s staff has broken a wide range of artists across multiple formats and platforms.

Lakeside Management Group takes an innovative entrepreneurial approach to managing, developing, and breaking artists. By providing in-house label services that include radio promotion, marketing, digital media, touring, merchandising, and brand partnerships, they are able to complete at the highest level and provide unique opportunities that advance the careers and profiles of their clients.

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Artist Website: www.paulloren.com
Management Website : www.lakesidemanagementgroup.com
Contact: [email protected]

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