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Associate Member Spotlight: PushTok

Is TikTok Virality Dead in 2024?

Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it didn’t really matter at all.

On January 11th, 2024 – Crowe Boys dropped a video on TikTok. At first glance – it’s nothing new or special. 2 kids, guitar and mandolin giving you a short hook and then starting to sing. It was also one of the most viewed music-related TikToks in January. The band immediately cut through the noise, doubling their TikTok following and growing their streaming presence from about 2,500 monthly listeners to about 76,000 almost overnight.

Many people stop there – but those of us who understand TikTok’s culture understand that doubling down is crucial in moments like this. Take for example, Flyana Boss’s hit series for their song “You Wish” – after the first video got over a million views, they posted 12 other videos, all in a similar style – racking up millions of views.

TikTok is going through changes. The entry of commerce to the platform (TikTok Shop) is changing the way people interact with content – but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to join or build an audience on the greatest content discovery platform in existence. The ability of artists to form a long term connection with audiences through music (and videos) was always the key to building careers – and I believe that TikTok still does it better than any other social or video platform out there, even if it’s harder to get attention on the platform or “go viral”.

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Itai Winter is the founder of PushTok, a TikTok music tech company started with the goal to help artists reach their fans through short form content. To date, PushTok has helped over 3,000 artists build meaningful artist to fan relationships, maximizing the impact of TikTok ads with a simple interface. We offer other services, such as coaching, content strategy & creation to help artists and labels utilize TikTok to grow their fan bases and monetize their music.

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