We focus on building cutting-edge music technology and providing infrastructure that scales with your business. Access everything you need inside an all-in-one platform experience including audio and video distribution, rights management, advanced payments, automatic royalty accounting, and daily performance analytics. Inside this exclusive community you’ll enjoy personalized support dedicated to supporting your business along with premium services and tools to grow your business on a global scale.

Our Mission Statement

Bonfire Sri Lanka is an organization striving to strengthen musical infrastructure in the South Asian region. We bring together aspiring talented artists and record labels under a cohesive platform. Our mission is to enhance networking by providing services that will introduce our artists to international markets.

Our Community

At Bonfire, our core commitment is to empower our artists to strengthen the local music market. Throughout the past year, we have been able to distribute local music that turned out to be major hits – not only within the nation, but beyond Sri Lankan music markets. Having signed both rising artists and artists who have dominated the Lankan music industry for decades, our focus is to create funding for local artists to help them advance their musical careers.


  • Audio & Video Supply Chain: From one convenient platform, efficiently package and deliver both your audio and visual content to meet partner specifications. No additional distributors needed.
  • Global Distribution Simplified: Access to over 200 partners around the world. Monetize your music videos, sound recordings, and compositions from one platform.
  • Advanced Rights Management: Manage complex ownership splits between stakeholders and set ownership by territory and/or asset type. Set your policies and see your UGC claims via mobile or desktop.
  • Royalty Payments Tracking: Let Bornfire be your royalty payment solution. Our Royalty Center will allow you to keep an eye on your bottom line by designating royalty splits for every contributor and paying stakeholders directly from the platform.
  • Data & Analytics: Be in the know and on the go. Monitor your top audio and video content on social media and digital service providers. Direct access to performance and revenue analytics anytime, anywhere.

In sum…

Bonfire Distribution Inc is making significant strides in the South Asian music industry by establishing a robust infrastructure and fostering local talent. Its strategic alliance with music-tech firms like Vydia exemplifies its commitment to revolutionizing music distribution and ensuring artists receive fair compensation and global recognition.

The company’s efforts are not only propelling South Asian music onto the international stage but also strengthening the region’s emerging markets, marking a transformative phase in the industry. This approach is vital for cultivating a sustainable and globally competitive music ecosystem in South Asia. Group CEO – Sandun Wijemanne Nissanka