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Member Spotlight: AudioShake

AudioShake’s award-winning stem separation and lyric transcription technology helps open up indie music for new opportunities in mixing, sync licensing, localization, and more.

Stems help create something “new” from existing catalogs 

One of a label’s greatest assets is its existing catalog. Stems can open up entirely new creative and revenue opportunities for labels to build off their existing assets and take advantage of new formats, sync opportunities, and fan engagement. 

Remaster immersive albums with stems

Immersive formats like Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 are continuing to grow in importance, with Apple reportedly paying artists up to 10% more in royalties for tracks delivered in spatial audio formats.  

But what to do when you have a track that doesn’t have its stems? AudioShake works with both independent and major labels to create stems that pro mixers can use to create immersive mixes. AudioShake has become the gold standard for industry pros needing to access stems for immersive mixes, and our AI stems have been used for creating Atmos mixes for the likes of De la Soul, Nina Simone, and various CODISCOS artists. 

Don’t miss out on sync deals

Sync is one of the fastest-growing areas for revenue in music, growing 29.9% YoY in 2022. It is also an incredibly fast-moving industry–it’s not uncommon for a music editor to move on if they can’t quickly get the instrumentals or stems for a track that interests them. 

AudioShake is widely used across the sync industry–from A2IM members like Beggars Group, Bonfire Records, and CODISCOS, through to publishers like Reservoir, peermusic, Primary Wave, and Concord. With AudioShake, these teams can generate instrumentals and stems in just a few seconds, never missing out on a chance to give a sync opportunity to their full catalog. 

Bring fans closer to their favorite artist

Sharing older hits can serve as great nostalgia plays for fans on social media. But social clips can lose their wind when fans can’t do anything beyond watching or resharing them. Deep fan engagement happens when fans can interact with, recreate, and throw themselves into “conversation” with their favorite artist.  

Stems offer a great way for fans to rediscover and interact with their favorite artists. For example, AudioShake worked with Green Day to create new social assets for their 1991 album Kerplunk. Over 30 years after its release, AudioShake stems were able to isolate and remove Billie Joel’s guitar solo in their hit song “2000 Light Years Away” so fans could remix the audio and add their own guitar performance. 

One Republic took a different approach to using stems on social, sharing a vocal isolation of Ryan Tedder’s from a past live performance at the Red Rocks. It gave fans a more intimate, behind-the-scenes listening experience for this past performance. 

And finally, fans love to know the construction of their favorite song, a fact AJR knew when promoting their song “Yes, I’m a Mess.” AJR provided songwriter/producer Cole Lumpkin with the song’s stems from AudioShake, so he could dive into the musicology of the record. 

Transcribe entire catalogs for emerging marketing opportunities

AudioShake’s AI lyric transcription technology eliminates the tedium of transcribing song lyrics by hand, and can also be useful in creating promotional assets like lyric videos and karaoke formats for existing catalogs. Combined with lyric translation capabilities, these assets have the opportunity to engage more intimately with existing markets and open up entirely new ones. 

AudioShake’s lyric transcription tool can transcribe, translate, and align the lyrics of any song so labels can take advantage of these opportunities. Sia, Downtown Music Group, Lala Sadii, and LVRN have all used AudioShake to quickly create lyrics for videos in multiple languages – in some cases 10x’ing an artist’s ability to reach and connect with fans. 

Remix and test ideas at scale

To keep up with the speed and size of the music industry today, artists and labels are releasing more frequently and testing new remixes or variations often. This can be hard creatively and financially. A new application for AI that has helped creatives keep up with this demand is stem-based remixing. AudioShake has teamed up with the AI music creation app, Tuney, to create a stem-based remixing tool for artists and producers. The technology allows creatives to take existing music, unreleased or otherwise, and generate new variations from the original track.

In today’s music landscape, the ability to test new genres, styles, or compositions of a song can help tightly resourced teams test ideas on social media and DSPs. Stems and stem-based remixing offer more opportunities for a song, allowing artists to play with and release new variations from a single stem. 


AudioShake regularly works with labels, producers, publishers, and more to help open up songs to new possibilities. Read more about new, higher-quality stems and our lyric transcription service. Any individuals or organizations looking to create clean, time-stamped lyric transcriptions with our technology can contact us directly at [email protected].

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