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Member Spotlight: Amuse presents Dream Factory

Amuse presents: dream factory

Distribution and Artist Services company Amuse presents Dream Factory campaign, fronted by rising alt-pop star Emei, portraying the stories and dreams of a new generation of independent artists.

Global music company Amuse is excited to share its latest initiative to spotlight the incredible and diverse array of independent artists making their way through the music industry. Launched just weeks after Spotify’s announcement that a record-breaking 50% of 2023’s royalty payouts went to DIY and independent artists, Amuse’s Dream Factory series depicts the stories and dreams of this rapidly growing community. Amuse-licensed Emei fronts the first drop of the campaign. The alt-pop darling was recently presented in partnership with British taste-maker fashion publication The FACE saying, “Amuse has been an extension of my team. I have been really lucky to have people I really trust there who have my back. They’ve taken a lot off me and my team’s plate,” she says, explaining that it gives her more time to write. Watch Emei’s Dream Factory episode here.

In 2024, Amuse is looking to tell the stories of exciting artists from around the world, embarking on a journey to redefine the traditional concept of stardom. The Dream Factory series, created in collaboration with UK-based creative agency Culture Defined, is narrative-focused content pieces depicting the personal and musical evolution of artists in the orbit of Amuse. Aiming to debunk the traditional idea of artist success, it wants to highlight the diverse aspirations of today’s rising artists. The self-shot series launches with 10 artist stories, to be released bi-weekly on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube shorts during March and April.

Artist Emei poses in front of camera with fish eye lens, wearing space buns and a black t shirt
Photo by Sofia Green

Along with Emei, the first round of Dream Factory artists, include Ängie, Bella Moulden, DBMK, Dianna Lopez, Josh Gray, Lincoln Jesser, Seon, Shenie Fogo, and Softglas, whose short series film will be available through the Dream Factory campaign site.

Coming Soon: Amuse Dream Fund
In connection with the Dream Factory series, Amuse also announces the upcoming launch of the Amuse Dream Fund – an initiative to enable and support emerging artists. Launching later in 2024, it will offer a variety of perks, from festival tickets to studio time and equipment, released on Amuse’s and artists’ social platforms in a monthly drop-style fashion. Amuse will also be running a yearly accelerator program, whereby selected artists can work with Amuse mentors to advance their careers in a tangible way. 

At Amuse, we are always looking to improve our support of independent, DIY artists, with new, easy-to-use tools, allowing artists to focus more on what’s actually important to them. With the launch of Dream Factory and the Dream Fund, we are aiming to shorten the gap between artists’ dreams and their reality, one dream at a time, says Karl Skoog, CMO at Amuse. 

Keep up with Amuse and Dream Factory below!

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