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A2IM Member Spotlight: Interactive Music Experiences with Weav

Written by Weav

Want to breathe new life into your music with exciting technology? Weav works with artists to create interactive versions of their music. Weav’s NFT collections are a combination of artistry and proprietary production technology.

The first generation of Weav NFTs is a collection out of a single song expressed in many different ways, utilizing the composability of the .weav format. Fans can remix stems in real time, solo, mute and combine them in unique ways – then mint their favorite version as an NFT.

Check out our first collection – 504 by glbl wrmng!

What you need to create your collection with Weav

  • Pick a song of yours, could be released or unreleased
  • Own 100% of the publishing and masters
  • Have access to its mixed stems
  • Be willing to work with Weav on creating stem alternatives and marketing the collection

If you’d like to launch your collection with us, get in touch: [email protected]

More About Interactive Music Experiences

NFTs have become popular in the digital art market. It has caught the attention of artists and musicians, major and independent, who sell their artwork and merchandise to their fans and followers. Besides initial earnings, NFTs allow perpetual artist royalties to be coded into the smart contract, enabling automatic payouts to the author on any secondary market sales.

As a collaborative medium for artists, NFTs have yet to reach their full potential. Digital art remains static. There is an increasing demand for innovative pieces that fit the technological nature of the market, and stand out in the crowded space.

Our most recent collection is a collaboration with New Orleans based music collective glbl wrmng and their hit song 504. This collection is the first of its kind, combining interactivity with the stems from the original version of the song. The interactive component comes from the additional stem variations that were produced based on the originals.

Instead of just playing and hearing the song– like they would on streaming platforms– fans can experiment with the player, turning on and off different stems and hearing how different drum or brass or vocal arrangements change the sound and feel of the song.

Once they’ve found the remix that they like the best, they can “mint” (buy) it, which means they own this particular arrangement of these stems– but not any of the master or licensing rights.

We timed the collection’s release to coincide with the 10th anniversary of The Music & Culture Coalition of New Orleans (MaCCNO), a nonprofit with close connections to the glbl wrmng team, and announced the collection at MaCCNO’s milestone celebration concert. glbl wrmng made the decision to designate 25% of profits made from the primary minting, and 10% of profits made from secondary sales in perpetuity to MaCCNO.

For more information, please reach out at [email protected]

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