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Welcome to A2IM’s Monthly Digest where we provide you with a recap of all current events and movies in the world of A2IM!


  • Branding
    • With a change of season comes…new staff photos! The A2IM team has just revamped our headshots!
Team a2im (9 people, 6 women, 3 men) standing in the middle of a cobble stone street smiling
Photo Credit to Dan Bassini


  • Y’all, we did it! Due to A2IM and the Artist Rights Alliance’s (ARA) advocacy efforts,  Congresswoman Deborah Ross (NC-02) introduced the Protect Working Musicians Act of 2023. This legislation will give small independent artists and music creators the power to collectively negotiate with both streaming platforms and generative artificial intelligence (AI) developers for fair compensation. PROTECT WORKING MUSICIANS ACT (PWMA) OF 2023
  • A2IM’s Independent Music PAC uses funds carefully to establish relations with Congresspeople through their campaign fundraisers. To donate please contact [email protected] or [email protected]. Together, we make a difference!

Indie Week + Libera Awards

  • I have been screaming it from the rooftops. And now my throat hurts so I’m writing it here instead. Save the Date for A2IM Indie Week and Libera Awards happening June 10 – 13, 2024!
  • If you’ve ever thought “It’d be great to have a panel on {insert topic here} at Indie Week” or “Huh, so and so would be the perfect speaker for Indie Week,” then here’s your chance! Make your voice heard by submitting your suggestions for panel topics and speakers for A2IM Indie Week 2024 below!
    • Indie Week Panel Provider – Link HERE
    • Indie Week Speaker Provider –  Link HERE

International Trade Delegations

  • In September, A2IM organized an international trade mission to Germany. Delegates went to Berlin and Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival. A2IM membership manager Chirag Patel led a group of 15 A2IM member delegates to visit the US Embassy in Berlin and to meet with the US. Commercial Specialists. A2IM wrapped the week up with a very happening networking mixer in partnership with our friends at Symphonic Distribution.
  • Also in September, A2IM president and CEO Dr. Richard James Burgess joined Chirag in leading 10 member delegates on our first ever trade mission to Mumbai, India for All About Music. There was a highly successful mixer/networking party at Khar Social in partnership with our friends at LyricFind and Puntilla and U.S. Commercial Specialists from the U.S. Consulate in Mumbai met with our group to provide us with trade opportunities and resources. All the member companies got some business out of the trip! Business for everyone! *Insert Oprah meme here*
  • Plans are in the works for future trade missions! 🌏 Where in the world would you like to do business? Let our membership team know at [email protected] 

Member Events – We’re Out Here!

  • Seattle: PNW, we are coming for you on October 18! Our amazing board of directors, Richard, general manager Lisa Hresko and head of strategic planning Sheryl Cohen will be in Seattle to host a member party where our members can meet with our board, and mix and mingle with the independent community. And even cooler: it’s all happening at Sub Pop’s office! Thanks, team Sub Pop 😎 RSVP now!
  • Los Angeles: Richard and Lisa hosted a member event with member DISCO, in their office on Sept. 20. The event was well attended and FUN! Unfortunately, there was no disco music. I was immensely disappointed and almost left, but those DISCO folks really know how to keep a mixer goin’.
  • Nashville: A2IM’s director of membership, Melissa White hosted a very chill morning hang with member Symphonic Distribution on Sept. 21. The event was well attended and we received many compliments about it! The bloody mary bar was probably a contributing factor, but who knows! 
  • Austin: A2IM will hold our annual member breakfast at SXSW. Details to follow!

Member Bennies

  • New Member Benefits – Access via your member login on the Info Hub
    • DistroKid is offering 30% off of your first year
    • 20% off WARM Music Services – WARM is one of the leading radio airplay monitoring services covering more than 25K radio stations worldwide
    • The Standard Hotel – East VIllage NYC location only
    • Nashville Boutique Apartment Hotel – Discounted rate for A2IM members

Mentor Program 

  • Fostering the independent leaders of the future, A2IM’s Mentor Program, the previous cycle ended Sept 30, 2023. But don’t worry, our new cohort begins October 15!
  • Thank you to our participants for your kind words:
    • “After multiple rounds as mentor and mentee, I enjoy most the ability to learn from the diverse and unique set of perspectives that the A2IM mentorship program match ups deliver.”
    • “I love that I am able to have access to a free program like this that was able to pair me with a peer at another distributor. Since this is my first year as head of distribution I have a lot to learn and my mentor gave me lots of great insight that I will keep with me throughout my career.”
    • “The A2IM Mentorship Program got me out of my comfort zone, leading me to realize my passion for mentorship and connecting with those seeking growth and guidance in the industry. Overall it was a great experience.”

Publishing Council

  • The Publishing Council, led by our CEO Richard James Burgess, has had two meetings to date. Council members are from label member companies. The general consensus is that this is a necessary program for our members who also own publishing copyrights. In the first two meetings it has become clear that the operational complexities of publishing are well suited to community discussion and larger issues (of which there are many) have emerged that A2IM can work on.

About A2IM:
A2IM is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit trade organization headquartered in New York City that exists to support and strengthen the independent recorded music sector. Membership currently includes a broad coalition of more than 700 Independently-owned American music labels. A2IM represents these independently owned small and medium-sized enterprises’ (SMEs) interests in the marketplace, in the media, on Capitol Hill, and as part of the global music community. In doing so, it supports a key segment of America’s creative class that represents America’s diverse musical cultural heritage. Billboard Magazine identified the Independent music label sector as 37.32 percent of the music industry’s U.S. recorded music sales market in 2016 based on copyright ownership, making Independent labels collectively the largest music industry sector.

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