Twenty Three Capital Expands to the US Market

October 3, 2018

From Twenty Three Capital – 


23 Capital provides capital and solutions to the music sector in a transparent and innovative way.

To find out more about their offering and for the chance to meet with a member of our origination team at Indie Week….read more here.


23 Capital was built on the belief that individuals and businesses in the Music sector should have access to a higher standard of specialist financing.

We set out to achieve this goal by leveraging our unique depth of knowledge, to provide clients with a more transparent and suitable solution to capital, that recognizes the full value of their assets on a non-recourse basis.

With a principal balance sheet, capital is within our control, key decisions are made internally and funding provided in a timely manner.


From straight-forward debt capital through to more sophisticated financing (where we may look to introduce partners or stakeholders); 23 Capital will look to provide a turnkey solution for all your funding requirements:

  • Alternative option to advances
  • IP and copyright acquisition
  • Liquidity and cash-flow management
  • Infrastructure and business expansion
  • Business, content and rights creation

We are able to provide financings against the following revenue streams:

  • Publishing
  • Recording
  • Neighboring Rights
  • Digital
  • Touring
  • Merchandising and sponsorship
  • Management commissions


For the opportunity to meet and chat with a member of our origination team at Indie Week please contact