Billboard Announcement: Genre Album Consumption Charts

December 16, 2016

Here is some important information that I think you should have regarding changes being made to the Nielsen/Billboard charts effective from the tracking week ending Thursday, January 26, 2017, which corresponds to the Billboard charts dated February 11, 2017.

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– Richard James Burgess

See below from Billboard:

Nielsen Entertainment and Billboard are excited to announce that they will be shifting a host of genre album charts from sales-based to consumption-based (blending pure album sales, track equivalent sales. and streaming equivalent plays).

The change will take effect with the tracking week ending Thursday, January 26, 2017.

That corresponds to the Billboard charts dated February 11, 2017.


The charts that will move to consumption-based are:


Top Country Albums

Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums

Top R&B Albums

Top Rap Albums

Top Latin Albums

Latin Pop Albums

Regional Mexican Albums

Tropical Albums

Latin Rhythm Albums

Top Rock Albums

Alternative Rock Albums

Hard Rock Albums

Americana/Folk Albums

Top Dance/Electronic Albums

Christian/Gospel Albums

Top Gospel Albums

Top Christian Albums

Top Catalog Albums

Holiday Albums (to launch officially in Billboard in October 2017).


The new consumption-based genre album charts will include Catalog titles, which is a change from the current methodology each utilizes.

This is to better align these charts with the Billboard 200 and to present a true ranking of each genre’s albums consumption.

Please keep in mind that Billboard and Nielsen will still compile sales-based albums chart for view, but the main chart in each genre in Billboard and/or on will be consumption-based.

Even though the charts will have new formulas, Billboard chart rank history for each list will be connected with the sales-based rank history dating back to each chart’s origin.

See here for Consumption Charting Rules & Methodology.

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