Associate Member Spotlight: Ouveer

January 23, 2017

Ouveer is the unified digital marketplace that the music industry has been longing for. We work to bring the artist front and center with their fans by aggregating every aspect of their business in one place while allowing both artists and their labels access to actionable data and analytics that gives value and worth to individual fans as well as consumers. Ouveer works in the perpetuation of identifying these high value consumers in the spectrum of mass audience that allows for touring, merchandising, downloading, and streaming strategies for long term artist growth and success. We do this by offering a myriad of programs and opportunities to labels and artists, one of which, but not limited too, 100% of total sales from digital download sales.

We believe in a future where these artists and their labels can create a self-sustainable economy for their business and a prolonged career through utilizing the platform. It is a marketing platform that facilitates exponential growth, generates new revenue streams and allows access to granular data that puts the power of success in their own hands.

Being able to identify people who stream your music that also purchase concert tickets, merchandise and albums is an invaluable aspect of our business that separates our platform from all the others whose business model is based on payouts of fractions of pennies and who need injections of billions of dollars to stay afloat.

Ouveer strives to make music a career again for all those who want it.

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