AIM 2017 Guide to Sync

November 21, 2017

Licensing music to film, computer games, the Internet, corporate videos, TV or any other visual and sound combination (the busin ess of synchronisation or ‘sync ’ licensing) has become a key revenue stream for many record labels, artists and publishers (rights holders) some of whom earn more income from this activity than through record sales. It is estimated that licensing repertoire to f ilm and TV generates around £25 million per year for UK labels alone (source: BPI) and millions more in publishing income .

It is therefore no surprise that AIM receive many requests to supply information about this business area, and we are now proud to present an honest and practical guide to assist those who wish to incorporate a Sync licensing strategy into their business planning

  • Provides an overview of sync licensing markets and opportunities.
  • Provides information on how best to reach key decision makers.
  • Examines fees and terms.
  • Provides an indispensable A – Z of sync licensing ‘tips’ for anyone intending to market their own music to music supervisor s and creative decision makers.
  • Includes a directory of key Sync licensing decision makers.

This guide for music rights holders is not intended to be an academic textbook but a document that provides practical advice and an overview of the marketplace.

The guide will be updated every six months and is available from

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