A2IM Announces Indie Week 2018 Panels

February 6, 2018

A2IM is thrilled to share our programming for Indie Week 2018 presented by SoundExchange. These thoughtfully curated panels will cover a broad scope of topics affecting our industry and will showcase some of its top talent! Stay tuned for updates on daily schedules, panelists and keynote speakers. Buy your tickets here.


A2IM Indie Week presented by SoundExchange Panels

The Power of Brand Storytelling
Beyond the music, what does a label have to do to sell a brand – or rather, a lifestyle? Today brands are no longer just selling a product. For a brand to have influence, it must embed itself in culture, be transparent about its values, and build a community. Whether building a brand around a label, artist, or a product, it’s essential for brands to create an experience around what their fans currently want, while anticipating what they’ll want later.

Finding Success in a Crowded Vinyl Marketplace
The vinyl marketplace has become increasingly competitive with renewed interest from major labels and a rise in re-issues. While the increase in vinyl sales is exciting for the independent community, we are now challenged to compete within the vinyl release cycle. This session will unveil exclusive and compelling marketing strategies designed for independent retail and those who can move the needle.

Develop Your Next Streaming Strategy for Breakout Artists
Playlists are the heavy hitter staple in the music industry. In this session, we’ll pull back the curtain on best practices for labels when developing a streaming strategy for their releases. A data-driven method for introducing listeners to the next hit and timeless favorites will be discussed as well as how streaming has transformed the way artists are marketed and break in today’s industry.

#MeToo, So What’s Next?
In 2017, the “Me Too” movement brought previously silenced stories to the forefront and suddenly launched a space where those impacted over the years felt empowered to speak out. This session will unpack solution-oriented ways the independent music community can become a healthier, safer, and more inclusive environment.

The Relationship Between Touring and Recorded Music Consumption
Touring continues to be a significant driver of music consumption. This session will explore how artists on the road can maximize their streaming revenue and better connect with fans.

Future of Rights Technology
You can’t talk about the future of the music industry without discussing the multitude of changes in rights technology. This session will examine options and best practices for artists and labels to keep a tight hold on their rights while streamlining the process.

Beyond Borders: The Global Label
Independent labels have an opportunity to maximize exposure and create a global extension of their brand. How can artists and labels find opportunities for success – both with physical and digital releases – outside of the United States?

This Isn’t A Black Mirror Episode: The Merging of the Digital and Physical Worlds with AI
In January 2018 Billboard reported that 1 in 6 Americans own a smart speaker – translating to about 39 million Americans. From Siri to Alexa, we’re interacting more with AI. How can labels capitalize on these technological advancements for music curation, distribution, and consumption?

Music Post-Net Neutrality
In an intimate conversation, we’ll explore the concept of net neutrality, the impact it has on the current state of the music industry, and what the future of the business looks like due to this decision.

How Relevant Is Radio?
How should independent labels navigate the relationship between radio and streaming services today?

Easy Money: Capitalizing on Neighboring Rights
Much like performance rights, neighboring rights are a way for labels to make money. How does technology make it easier for labels to capitalize on neighboring rights and what do you need to do to claim this money?

State of Play: Fostering a Healthier Music Community
From school programs to live shows, music cultivates community, unites people, and celebrates diversity and creativity. Now more than ever, music is needed to celebrate culture and identity. What are some ways we can build a healthier music ecosystem right in our homebase? As we look ahead, how can we better support efforts to make cities and communities more music-friendly and make a difference for our artists and musicians?

Who’s Next: Making Way For A New Wave of Music Execs
A new crew of music leaders are blazing a trail in a challenging industry. From their point of view, the independent music community’s next in line will discuss what milestones they’ve reached throughout the first 5-7 years of their career, and what the future of the industry looks like to them.

Unity in the Music Industry?
Key licensing reform wins on Capitol Hill, such as the signing of the Music Modernization Act, have brought the music community – including publishers, labels, songwriters, artists, composers, and PROs – together in ways not previously seen. Will this impact future legislation?

Latin Music Explosion
In 2017, Latin music created breakthrough moments, with global listening on Spotify up 110%. But this movement has been years in the making. Celebrating the past, present, and future of Latin music, this session will take a look at the top Latin independent labels.

Licensing & Publishing 101: The Nuts and Bolts
From licensing recordings to signing publishing deals, we’re going back to basics in this nuts and bolts 101 session. What should you look for in a third party representation?


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