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Members Spotlight – Diggers Factory


Diggers Factory is the story of a team equally passionate about vinyl and digging, always looking for unknown, hidden, and sometimes forgotten talents.

Faced with the complex reality of the music market – on the one hand, listeners consuming music fast and excessively and on the other, artists having to deal with great competition – not all musicians are able to find labels or representatives. Consequently, thousands of productions are taking dust, never getting the exposure they deserve. So, to this end, Diggers factory offers a platform dedicated to the vinyl release of their records in limited edition.


Because releasing a vinyl album is a very important step in one’s life: as soon as its music exists physically, then it’s printed in time, forever. Vinyl is also the most qualitative medium for music listening, and beyond that, it tells a special story creating a strong link between the artist and its listener. It’s a multi-sensory experience that each will live differently.

Diggers Factory allow people to discover talented artists and projects by experimenting with music differently;

We provide a  discography of artists who made the music of yesterday, today and tomorrow fulfilling our desire to highlight emerging and independent musical projects.

But also classic albums reissues of some of the founding fathers of our contemporary culture like Jacques Brel à Fat Dominos, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Israel Vibration and more.

We offer a selection of very limited edition releases, between 50 and 1000 copies, only available for a limited time and in pre-order. This way, the listener is placed at the heart of the creative process as projects succeed through crowdfunding and our worldwide network of distribution partners.

Diggers Factory allows artists and labels to reclaim vinyl as a way of spreading their music and to overcome the heavy and complex constraints of pressing process thanks to a fully customizable, turnkey service. But also it allows music lovers to thrive in this new music discovering territory while bringing their support directly to the artists they love.

It’s a smarter distribution system, a more equitable one, moreover without commitment. It’s a new unique relationship between artists and fans which can only be experienced through vinyl.

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