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Member Spotlight – Jammber

Announcing Jammber Creator Suite: the world’s first mobile workflow platform for the music industry 

We’ve all heard the industry stories (or have stories of our own) of missing credits, payments being delayed or not paid out all together. The reasons are vast and further complicated by the nuances of how we create music together, layers of copyright law and fluid timelines. Jammber introduces Creator Suite, the world’s first mobile workflow platform for the music industry. There have been many attempts at solving this problem in the past, Jammber Product Lead, Mia Noir believes the key to succeeding where others have failed is simplicity, “It’s very difficult to deliver elegant experiences on projects where everyone works differently. We’ve spent the last few years working with thousands of clients through hundreds of iterations to deliver products really designed to meet creatives where they’re at.”



Jammber Creator Suite has several simple mobile applications which seamlessly combine into more intricate workflows. Jammber nStudio lets contributors verify credits, submit publisher information and even sign key paperwork with two or three clicks. Beacon and bluetooth technology can even be used to check in contributors at the studio. Jammber Splits app lets you easily specify ownership shares with co-writers and provide publishing information to your teams. You can really see Jammber’s understanding of how songs are written in Muse, a beautiful mobile app that allows songwriters and producers to easily exchange voice memos, lyrics, add top lines and organize revisions. All of the apps feature Jammber’s Metadata Smart Technology to ensure important identifiers such as, ISWCs and IPIs are never lost. The apps also use bluetooth to let you easily collaborate with others nearby. Possibly the most powerful feature of the suite is seamless synchronization with Jammber Bridge, the full-fledged project workflow platform used by labels and artist managers.


Pricing for Bridge now starts at $25/mo with 2TB storage. If you’re interested in Creator Suite, you can request access for the beta program on their website.



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