Connecting industry veterans with aspiring music executives, our mentorship program furthers our mission of community building and educating the independent sector


Be paired with an industry veteran who works in your field! Meet monthly with your designated mentor (we carefully review applications to ensure you are matched with someone relevant to you where possible), and join networking sessions with wider program participants.

Give back to the independent music community! Share your years of experience with a fledgling executive. No strict pre-requisites, just that you have been working in the industry for a number of years and have wisdom to impart.


  • Applications Acceptance Period: Feb 15 – March 14, 2023
  • Mentor match announcement: First weeks of April 2023
  • Spring 2023 Mentorship Program: April 15, 2023 – Sept 30, 2023

What is the a2im mentor program?

The A2IM Mentor Program is an A2IM member-only initiative designed to grow members’ networks, and foster personal and professional development between independent music executives across all career stages. 


how does the program work?

After an application process, each accepted mentee is assigned a mentor by our Mentorship Committee, who will do their best to pair mentors/mentees with “like interests” (NOTE: Applying for the program does not guarantee a spot).


Q: Who can participate in the A2IM Mentor Program?
A: All A2IM members in good standing

Q: How do I become a mentor or mentee
A: Complete your mentor OR mentee application during the open application period

Q: When is the open application period?
A: The open application period happens twice per year.

Spring Cycle: Open Application Period begins on Feb 15 (or the closest business day)

Fall Cycle: Open Application Period begins on Aug 15 (or the closest business day)

Q: How are pairs matched? 
A: The A2IM Mentor Program committee matches pairs to most closely fit the stated goals of the mentor and mentee on their applications. The committee takes into consideration, as many other factors, shared by the mentor and mentee in their applications, as possible such as geography, timezone, etc.

Q: How do I know if I have been paired
A: A mentor committee representative emails all participants directly and advises them of who they have been paired with. If you have not been selected (which happens when there are an odd number of participants) a member of Team A2IM will email you. You will be provided the opportunity to apply again at the next cycle and your application will be prioritized.

Q: I am a mentor, what is expected of me?
A: Once a mentor receives the email from the mentor committee advising you who your mentee is, the mentor is expected to make the first outreach to the mentee and set up the first meeting.

Set Clear Ground Rules for the Mentoring Relationship

During your first meeting, talk about items such as the frequency of meetings/calls, level of confidentiality, etc. When you talk about these things at the beginning of the mentorship, you avoid future problems and issues.

Mentorships that focus on goal setting and career planning help the mentor and mentee identify their professional and personal goals, as well as think about their long-term career path. An example of a good activity for this type of mentoring objective is having an honest discussion about the mentee’s early career aspirations, professional advancement goals (where do they want to be in 2-5 years), and realistic steps to achieve these goals.

Q: When does the program begin? How long does it run?
A: Spring Cycle: April 15 – Sept 30 | Fall Cycle: Oct 15 – March 31

Q: How many meetings are there between the mentor and mentee
A: The committee asks that each person commits to a minimum of one hour per month for the duration of the cycle.

Q: Does this program happen on Zoom or In-Person?
A: However the mentor and mentee wish to meet is fine be it via zoom, phone, or in person. Sometimes geography precludes in-person meetings. 

Q: I’ve reached out to my mentee or mentor and they have not responded, or I am having another issue, what should I do?
A: Contact the A2IM Mentor Committee member who is overseeing your pair. They will provide you with the next steps.

Q: I’ve participated before, can I reapply?
A: First-time applicants are prioritized over those who have participated in the past but the committee welcomes those who wish to participate in more than one cycle. 


NOTE: The A2IM Mentorship Program is strictly for A2IM Members ONLY. To find out more about becoming an A2IM member, please contact [email protected]