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Industry veteran Cheryl Potts launches ‘Deep Dive Music Publishing Master Class’

Written by Cheryl Potts

So many have asked Cheryl Potts for a deep dive class on music publishing, so she finally created one.

She has poured over 18 years of running her own publishing and recording administration company into this class. Per Cheryl ‘this class is designed for those in the music business but has a need for a deeper understanding of music publishing. With catalogs being sold for millions of dollars, today you cannot afford to not have a grasp on music publishing.’

In her class she provides lessons she learned along over the years along with giving you the inside look on some integral parts on music publishing tasks. Running her own independent company means she is the business affair, licensing, royalty accounting, copyright administrator person and more. We’ve all have heard the horror stories when people do not understand music publishing or go into a bad publishing deal.

You Will Learn

  • What is Music Publishing and why is it important?
    • We demystify and remove the confusion on what music publishing is. We do this by walking through music publishing and making it clear.
  • A walk through of Music Publishers agreements.
    • What’s in them?
    • How does Music Publishers obtain the rights of songs from songwriters?
    • What are the Songwriter and Publisher splits?
    • How does the songwriter earn revenue when signed to a music publisher?
    • A breakdown between standard, co-publishing and publishing administration agreements.
  • A walk through of a Harry Fox license.
    • What does it look like? What’s in it?
    • How to generate your own mechanical license?
    • How to calculate a mechanical royalty rate for a song to be released?
    • Details you’ll need when someone wants to record your song and you would like to generate a license for them.
  • Learn how to calculate & validate a record label statement given to a publisher to review for ‘accuracy’.
    • Note: Sometimes a record label statement may be wrong because someone inputted the incorrect royalty rate into their system. Not checking for accuracy can cost you tons of money if the rate is incorrect!


View the full curriculum here.

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