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Featured Executive: Andy Larsen, Beggars Group

Andy Larsen is the US Head of Sales at Beggars Group. She has a rich retail background that has been rounded out by almost 30 years performing various roles in the music industry.

Tell us about how you got your start in the music industry, and how it lead to the work you do today.

Growing up I spent all my money and time at the local record store, Tunes in Colorado Springs, CO, until I got paid to actually work at Wax Trax in Boulder, CO. I volunteered all of my free time to the college radio station and to booking the small club on campus while working at Fanatic Promotion as a College Radio Promoter, later a publicist. I also worked at venues, worked for local concert promoters, wrote for newspapers, and volunteered at magazines.

I never stopped working in music retail and it eventually lead to my job as a Sales Rep at Revolver Distribution in San Francisco. When I moved to New York I worked at Rough Trade and that naturally led me back to a sales rep job at Beggars. In the unique Beggars Group environment I have been lucky to have grown so much and have loved working here ever since! My time at Beggars has really rounded my worldview of the music industry and I feel fortunate that I’ve found my spot here. Records have always been something I’m passionate about so I’m grateful to have found my place working with them.

Is there a success story or career milestone that you are most proud of?

Leading this amazing sales team here at Beggars Group is an honor. To work with and lead a group of people who each bring their own passions to their roles is inspiring. I also love my small part in helping to achieve success for all of our artists. It’s rewarding hearing from fans and retailers when something really resonates with them. That rewarding feeling has been the same from my first retail job, then my first dj shift, through to the present when a friend or colleague will write me out of the blue and tell me how much she loves the new Fabiana Palladino or Mdou Moctar

Outside of your work in music, do you have any other hobbies/ particular areas of expertise/interest etc.? 

It’s not a huge shock to admit that I love records and collecting. I’m also fond of hitting up many repertory film screenings in nyc. When I’m feeling brave I take a turn making music on my husband’s synth setup

Are there any projects you’re working on or company updates that you’re most excited about?

Earlier this year 4AD released Cocteau Twins – Milk & Kisses and Four Calendar Cafe on LP and working those releases has been a lifelong dream of mine. Getting those LPs into the hands of Cocteau Twins fans was very rewarding. I love working on first time albums for artists through labor of love career spanning box sets! On the immediate horizon I’m very excited for this new chapter of Fontaines DC we’re helping to launch with XL Recordings. There are so many exciting projects upcoming here at Beggars that I can’t wait to announce!

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