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Diggers Factory wants to press and distribute your vinyl : A2IM Member Spotlight

Diggers Factory offers artists and labels personalized shops to sell vinyl, CDs, tapes and merchandising products. It can be existing stock like back catalogs or new releases. They also manage the shipping to the fans with warehouses in France, the UK and the US to fulfill orders worldwide.

In addition, Diggers Factory also offers pressing and distribution solutions for all your physical goods with fast lead times. For example, vinyl pressing takes 8-10 weeks in the US and 12-14 weeks in Europe.

And finally, artists and labels can use the Pressing On Demand solution which allows them to produce without stock, without investing money and with the best partners in the world. Mastering, pressing, design, fulfillment, distribution to shops, marketing, customer service, they do it all.

A2IM Exclusive Deal

Contact [email protected] with the code A2IM and launch your order before November 15th to enjoy a 10% discount on the pressing.

About A2IM:
A2IM is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit trade organization headquartered in New York City that exists to support and strengthen the independent recorded music sector. Membership currently includes a broad coalition of more than 700 Independently-owned American music labels. A2IM represents these independently owned small and medium-sized enterprises’ (SMEs) interests in the marketplace, in the media, on Capitol Hill, and as part of the global music community. In doing so, it supports a key segment of America’s creative class that represents America’s diverse musical cultural heritage. Billboard Magazine identified the Independent music label sector as 37.32 percent of the music industry’s U.S. recorded music sales market in 2016 based on copyright ownership, making Independent labels collectively the largest music industry sector.

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