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Associate Member Spotlight: Yangaroo

78% of independent music videos accepted by MTV, CMT, BET in 2017!

As the preferred submission/delivery platform used by virtually every promotional video destination in the US and Canada, Yangaroo is uniquely positioned to analyze the rate that independently submitted music videos are accepted by national broadcasters – specifically MTV, BET, and CMT – and it’s a shockingly amazing 78%. Yes, you read that right – almost 8 out of every 10 independent music videos are accepted by national TV broadcasters.

Working in the world of radio promotions since 2003 has taught us that there is a strong perception in the independent label community that it’s usually too difficult to break an emerging artist on mainstream commercial radio. Unless you have a national promotion team in place capable of working hundreds of stations at once, we totally agree. It’s better to develop new artists on streaming playlists, viral online marketing and College radio, and commercial radio will come calling. But what much of the industry doesn’t realize is that it’s actually relatively easy and effective to gain national exposure for independent artists on TV!

It’s actually VERY LIKELY that broadcasters like MTV Networks (includes all the MTV and VH1 shows and channels), Fuse, Revolt, Music Choice, Much, CMT, GAC, etc. will add an independently released music video given the genre is right and the song and production are tight. In fact, the acceptance rate has risen from 54% in 2015 to 61% in 2016, to 78% in 2017. The TV broadcasters often have lots of specialty shows to program, and websites with VOD sections. The beauty of it is that airplay is coast to coast in scope, not localized like radio, and with only a handful of destinations to work at a time, it’s very manageable internally.

Why not take a shot? For a limited time, Yangaroo is happy to offer A2IM members their first month of membership/account access for free ($99 value), which means you can submit a music video to the national broadcaster of your choice for only $65. That’s a 78% chance of national exposure for your artist on an investment of $65*.

To take advantage, please sign up for a ‘Music Video Sender’ account directly at www.dmds.com, and/or reach out to [email protected] / 1-855-534-0607 x401. Don’t forget to mention the A2IM Membership Deal

*additional costs may apply to prepare a broadcast spec video file, which is only necessary if and when the submission has been accepted

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