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Associate Member Spotlight: Rights’Up

“Neighbouring rights?… We’re a US based label, we can’t claim these.” OFTEN heard, but NOT CORRECT!!

True… The US didn’t sign the Rome Convention that would have enacted neighbouring rights. Thankfully each country , besides the international conventions, is free to apply their own rules on how they distribute their revenues.

In reality a US label can collect revenues without any restriction (including FM/AM radio & Public Performance!) in majority the of the EU neighbouring rights market. Other countries aren’t specifically a dead end. Eligibility rules are implied by some territories such as Nationality of the Master Owner & Recording country.

If you would like to have a better view on the eligibility of your catalogue and how to optimize collection in EU countries for future releases, Damien, Director at Rights’Up, will be in New York December 10th – 22nd, feel free to reach out here : [email protected]

About Rights’Up

Rights’Up looks after 450+ independent record labels based in more than 20 countries. We administer neighbouring rights directly in 34 territories.

Being a direct member and operating our collection network internally, our expertise goes beyond the registration and metadata management. We’re able to handle each territory specificity and maximize your revenues.

We offer a premium service for conflicts resolution and retrievement of extra-retroactive revenues previously collected by third party, in the last distribution we recovered 20 year old royalties!

In addition to our boutique service, Rights’Up has long worked on digitizing neighbouring rights collection. Our in-house developed portal enables our clients to follow every aspect of neighbouring rights from your metadata registration to a detailed revenue analysis with broadcaster info… all at the tip of your fingers. You can give it a try right here, right now.

About A2IM:
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