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Associate Member Spotlight: PledgeMusic


A New Artist Development Platform For Burgeoning Creatives

PledgeMusic is pleased to announce today the launch of Amplify, a program dedicated to nurturing the careers of a diverse range of developing artists. Amplify calls on up-and-coming creatives to submit their work for a chance to receive unprecedented support through PledgeMusic’s fan-based platform, as well as engage with the program’s valued sponsors which include several notable entertainment and lifestyle brands.

With Amplify, PledgeMusic is broadening its scope: harnessing its unique ability to build robust fan communities to support a brand new crop of rising artists. Amplify invites musicians to submit their work to a panel of seasoned industry executives for the chance to utilize PledgeMusic to engage fans; grow audiences; and fund content creation, marketing and promotion. The leaders in direct-to-fan platforms, PledgeMusic’s wide-ranging artist campaign roster runs the gamut: from rising stars to chart-topping heavy-hitters.

At launch, Amplify has selected the first round of finalists through an internal submission process. Moving forward the platform will follow a submission program three times per year, with each cycle providing open opportunity to apply for participation.

Amplify is proud to reveal the five finalists chosen within the first selection cycle. A diverse array of young acts ranging in style and genre, the selected artists include: Brooklyn-based indie rock musician Torres; acoustic/folk artist Michael Bernard Fitzgerald; Boston’s funk/pop outfit Ripe; Los Angeles’ dark pop powerhouse Holy Wars; and Canadian folk music duo Twin Bandit. Today, PledgeMusic will launch pre-order campaigns for Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Ripe, Holy Wars, and Twin Bandit. Torres will introduce her campaign on Monday, August 14.

Several notable brands have joined the Amplify mission as sponsors – an indication of the ever-growing influence of PledgeMusic within the industry landscape – with Epiphone, Guitar Center, and FYE pledging their support to the project by committing high-value offerings to each of the accepted Amplify acts. Epiphone will contribute a total of 15 guitars to the project, worth a value of up to $45,000, providing each finalist a guitar of their choice as well as social media promotion. Finalists will also receive: a $500 Guitar Center gift certificate, special artist pricing, and artist concierge service for one year; and special support from FYE including chain-wide distribution of the winning artist’s physical release, manufacturing support, plus artist promotion on the brand’s online platforms. Nationally beloved beverage brands Austin Eastciders and Health-Ade Kombucha will also provide product for winning acts in addition to promotion across their social media platforms.

With today’s announcement PledgeMusic aims to begin introducing Amplify on a larger scale, engaging a wide range of artists across the country with a call to bring their creations before the Amplify Selection Committee: a group of PledgeMusic executives, music industry veterans, and brand participants.

“PledgeMusic is inherently wired to nurture and break artists given our ability to expose music to our extremely active user base of passionate fans, harvest fan data to share with partners that work with PledgeMusic, and marketing ability to drive engagement with fans”, said PledgeMusic CEO Dominic Pandiscia. “We’re thrilled to announce this program and look forward to exposing up and coming artists to the widest, most engaged audience possible”.

Artists can visit www.pledgemusic.com/amplify for more information on the program and the opportunity to be a part of the next wave of Amplify submissions.



About PledgeMusic

PledgeMusic is a global next-generation music company and direct-to-fan e-commerce platform dedicated to enabling artists to build communities, fund and pre-sell recordings, and provide unique experiences and exclusives throughout the entire music production and promotion lifecycle. The company has offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Nashville.




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