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Associate Member Spotlight: ONErpm

ONErpm – a global leader in music and video distribution, marketing services and rights management – announced the launch of its new distribution platform ONErpm.com, a one-stop shop for managing digital content.  Open to all creators, the newly updated platform is better prepared to meet the demands of a constantly evolving industry.

Platform innovations include: automated video encoding and delivery to Apple Music; royalty sharing with collaborators by track, album, video, or entire accounts; Spotify playlist tracker updated every 24 hours; daily performance statistics from all the major DSPs (e.g., Apple, Spotify, YouTube) to facilitate real-time business decisions; transparent historical monthly analytics; customized accounting solutions, and a digital marketing tool kit offering numerous direct-to-fan engagement opportunities.

ONErpm occupies a unique space between traditional record label and distribution company.The digital revolution continues to transform and redefine the music industry,” states Emmanuel Zunz, CEO and Founder of ONErpm. “Prior rules and business practices are much less relevant in today’s modern digital landscape, opening the door for new entrants like ONErpm to capture significant market share as we pursue innovative ways of doing business, from a combined tech, commercial, and legal perspective.

ONErpm.com is open to creators and content owners from all walks of life – from emerging artists to large record labels and publishing entities. There are no upfront fees and users retain 100% ownership and creative control while ONErpm keeps a percentage of sales. By eliminating barriers to entry and through more artist-friendly commercial terms, ONErpm has proven to be a powerful engine of market and genre growth.

Perhaps the only large scale distribution company to have been raised without venture capital, ONErpm is one of today’s fastest growing music companies and one of the world’s largest YouTube (MCN) Multi-Channel Networks. ONErpm generates:

  • 1000 new album/single distributions per day
  • 300 million video plays per day
  • 40 tracks in the Brazilian Top 100 Spotify charts (in 2017)
  • 100 + tracks in the Mexico Spotify Viral 50 (in 2017)
  • 40% market share in the Urban, Hip-hop, and Trap genres on Spotify (Mexico) playlists
  • 20% market share pop and rock genres on Spotify (Mexico) playlists
  • 4.4 billion total streams per month across all platforms (in 2017)

The ONErpm roster includes legendary acts like Cafe Tacvba, Wu Tang’s Method Man, Racionais MCs, and emerging stars like Rawayana (VZ), Cherub (US,) Ghetto Kids (Mexico) and hugely successful YouTubers like Kondzilla. In 2017, ONErpm artists were nominated for 18 Latin Grammy Awards, winning 2.


About ONErpm:
ONErpm is a redefining force in the new music economy and one of today’s fastest growing music companies in the global marketplace. Home to over 2500 YouTube channels that collectively generate 7 billion + plays a month, ONErpm is one of the world’s largest YouTube Multi Channel Networks (MCN) specializing in music.

With offices and studios in New York City, Nashville, Miami, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Bogota, and Mexico City, ONErpm occupies a unique space between traditional record label and distribution company and leverages proprietary technology, marketing, analytics, and localized support to deliver business solutions to over 100,000+ artists, music labels, and video creators worldwide.

For more information, check out: www.onerpm.com // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

About A2IM:
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