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Associate Member Spotlight: Merch Cat

What is Merch Cat? How does it help artists? Watch the new promo video to find out!


Merch is serious business if an artist wants to sustain a career in today’s music world. It’s a surefire way to put funds in pockets real-time, while empowering fans to spread an artist’s message to the world. With the continued movement of music consumption to streaming, it’s more important than ever for artists and their teams to embrace merch as a serious revenue stream.

“After we launched Merch Cat, it became evident that our platform to help artists sell, track and manage merch, was only part of the equation,” says Founder/CEO Vanessa Ferrer. “Artists and their teams need resources – a trusted place to turn to for all of their merch needs, whether it be ‘where do I get merch’, ‘what merch should I sell’, ‘how do I track what I’m selling?’ or ‘how do I make it easier for my fans to buy in?’ That’s the ecosystem that we’re in the process of creating. To put it in the most fundamental perspective, there’s pretty much no other facet of the music business, where an artist can invest $5, sell that product for $20 and put $15 (a 300% profit) immediately into their pocket/bank account. With 85% or more of merch sales occurring at live shows when fans are emotionally engaged, artists and their teams need better ways to capitalize. We’re still seeing artists at ALL levels leaving merch money on the table.”

With the planned launch of Merch Cat FAN in late April/early May, an app that will facilitate direct-to-fan merch sales in an open market place, along with the addition of a merch services division to the Merch Cat ecosystem, Merch Cat hopes to foster a merch movement amongst artists who have not yet embraced their merch possibilities, as well as help elevate those already in the game.

To learn more about Merch Cat’s offerings, please go to http://bit.ly/MerchCat to view the product deck, or contact Vanessa Ferrer at [email protected] to schedule a demo.

To check out Merch Cat with a complimentary 30-day trial, go to [protected] https://www.merchcat.com/promo and use code A2IM18 to get started. [/protected]

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