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Associate Member Spotlight: HAAWK


September 22, 2017

HAAWK recently announced a $2.5M seed round of funding and the acquisition of the digital music aggregator Dart Music.

HAAWK is a new rights management firm headed up by the founders of AdRev. HAAWK’s team and technology helps to monitor, monetize and enforce copyrights on User Generated Content platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

Due to client demand, HAAWK has expanded its services to include digital distribution to all streaming and download platforms.

HAAWK currently administers 500k copyrights and monetizes 3M user-generated videos for a range of clients including indie labels, music publishers, game composers, and production music libraries. 

How HAAWK Works

  • Zero set-up fees to work with HAAWK
  • HAAWK assisted (full service) OR self service upload and setup
  • HAAWK distributes / manages rights via light weight short term deals
  • HAAWK collects revenues from 50+ digital platform partners
  • HAAWK remits the highest rates in the business to rights holders
  • HAAWK delivers timely and transparent financial performance reports and analytics

Why is HAAWK different?

  • Best market payout rates, zero set-up costs
  • Full transparency on reporting and analytics
  • HAAWK’s CEO is a CPA and the team has processed over 100,000 royalty statements on time with pristine accuracy
  • HAAWK management has deep expertise building teams and tools, having successfully spearheaded two previous rights management businesses.  HAAWK is the next phase of rights management, with refined tools and services
  • HAAWK is fully funded and backed by a breadth of expert advisors from the media and music industries

Software & Services

  • Digital Content ID
    • Best in class management of copyrights within YouTube Content ID, Facebook Rights Manager, Vimeo, SoundCloud and other platforms
  • Digital Distribution
    • Integrations with all major DSPs, with allocated marketing and promo campaigns
  • HAAWK Library / Synch Licensing
    • 10,000+ tracks of various genres with a variety of licenses being offered
    • New synch opportunities for your catalogue ranging from fitness apps to in-store streaming

Register now for immediate access to HAAWK’s full service offering.

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