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Associate Member Spotlight: DISCO

What is DISCO?

DISCO is a workflow platform for people who work with music and other media every day. Like labels.

It’s a simple, user friendly app labels can use to manage all their assets, and cut down on the time they spend doing repetitive, un-fun things like downloading and uploading and editing metadata.

DISCO gives you and your team one central platform for managing and sharing your assets that’s accessible from any device.

And with best in show 24/7 customer service, we’re always there to help you to get the most out of it.

But why would I want to use another platform, you might say?

Because this one will make life easier. Promise. Here’s how:

Catalogue Management

DISCO lets you quickly and easily ingest your whole catalogue into DISCO, wherever it’s stored. Upload lossless formats, and DISCO will create an mp3 copy. Storing both formats already? We’ll pair them for you. Then, when you share, recipients can download either format.

Sick of uploading? We get it. Set up automatic ingestion for new releases, via the same service you use to upload to stores and streaming services. Have artists, managers and studios upload directly to you via the inbox feature.

Have other imprints or catalogues? Easily segment them within DISCO. Keep everything labelled and organised in the one place.

Need to share your catalogue with someone, or part of it? Deliver everything to them, assets and metadata, with ease.


Manage your submissions and in progress recordings.

Have studios, artists and potential signings send music directly to you. Share and discuss with your team in your inbox, and only import the things you need. Share streaming only lists with your partners, and get detailed stats on their access.


Share great looking, customisable EPKs, with everything press needs in the one place: audio, bios, press shots, videos, pdfs. Customise the page with the album art and imprint logo, and track access with our detailed stats: who streamed and who downloaded (and who didn’t). Share great looking embeddable players for premieres and features.

With our upcoming newsletter creator*, you’ll be able to upload and manage your mailing lists, send them great looking newsletters, and then track performance in spectacular detail––not just opens and clicks, a la Mailchimp, but which tracks each recipient streamed and downloaded.

* In beta this summer


DISCO is great for sync (it was built by music supervisors, after all). It lets you quickly reference your past creative work, dramatically increasing your output. And with each list you put together, the next one gets easier.

Plus, you can share direct to supervisors (and the many other companies using DISCO), and anyone on DISCO who receives your files can add your music to their own library with one click.

But why would I use DISCO instead of Dropbox/Box/Google Drive?

DISCO, unlike Box and Dropbox and Google Drive, is built for music. You can view and edit metadata; you can easily stream tracks and manage the different formats.

You can share tracks in any combination, while only having to store one copy of the file. You can customise the look and feel. And recipients love it: we put a lot of effort into making sure DISCO is fast, pretty and easy to use on any device.


We know labels use a lot of tools. And the thought of using another one can seem like too much hassle.

But with DISCO, your label will save time and hassle by minimising repetitive tasks and getting on the same page. DISCO gives you a single source of truth for your catalogue and assets, meaning there’s no more looking for files or formats, and you can get more done.

Take a moment to set up your free trial at https://disco.ac/a2im and be sure to ask us about special a2im member discounts.

What are others saying about it?

“It’s pretty much a flawless system that has made everything we do easier.” –– Derek Pierce, Bank Robber Music

“DISCO is really changing the way we’re working and making it so much easier and more collaborative to work as a team across time zones.”

Will Theakston –– Warp

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