In Feb 2020, A2IM launched A2IM:Artist with the goal of helping independent, self-releasing artists, optimize their careers by providing crucial information and networking opportunities. There is no cost to be an A2IM:Artist member thought to qualify you must be a self-releasing, independent artists and the only act on the label.

A2IM:Artist members receive robust but limited access to information from A2IM via our online A2IM:Artist Resource Guide, access to A2IM:Artist’s directory, access to curated events, and our social media platforms TikTok and YouTube. JOIN NOW

Benefits to A2IM:ARTISTS

We collaborate with amazing organizations and together we host cool events.

Our online resource guide is updated weekly with new content on topics such as monetizing on hybrid platforms to a step by step checklist that artist’s can follow when releasing new music.

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