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Altafonte, a benchmark of the global independent music industry, becomes a B Corp for positive impact

Foto, Equipo Altafonte España

10/04/2022 by Altafonte

Altafonte has just been certified a B Corp company for its compliance with the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and corporate responsibility. 

Altafonte is a global music and technology company. With offices in 11 countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Chile, it offers customized solutions to artists, composers, record labels and music publishers. Altafonte’s main activity is to supply music to all digital music platforms and social networks in the world, manage the rights that music produces and develop artists’ careers.

B Corporations (or B Corps) are leading a worldwide movement of people who are transforming the global economy for the benefit of all people and the planet. 

With this milestone, Altafonte joins a growing community of companies, The B Corporations (or B Corps) that are leading a global movement of people who are redefining the meaning of corporate success: balancing profit with positive impact for people, communities and the planet. 

B Corps companies are leading the transformation of business by working every day to become not only the best companies in the world, but above all, the best for the world.

 The B Corp standard measures management performance in a comprehensive manner.  It is awarded by B Lab to companies leading in social and environmental commitment after passing a rigorous evaluation and verification process through which companies must provide evidence of their good practices and incorporate their legal commitment and social purpose in their bylaws.

“This certification is a major milestone for Altafonte and the continuation of our journey towards transforming the global music industry and creating a more humane, fair and transparent management model for all. We are a team committed to offering our partners and the community a more creative, ethical, innovative and fun way of working with music and art.

Inma Grass, CCO
Photo: Nando Luaces and Inma Grass, founding partners of Altafonte.

Altafonte is now part of a community of nearly 6,000 B Corp companies in 85 countries that are transforming the global economy for the benefit of all people and the planet.  The B Corp community reflects part of the global economy with companies from multiple industries and sizes, including renowned brands such as Patagonia, Danone, Alpro, Triodos Bank, Ben & Jerrys, Alessi, Ecoalf and Innocent.

Pablo Sanchez, CEO of B Lab Spain, says: “We are delighted to welcome Altafonte to the B Corp community. This community works to reduce inequality, to respect and regenerate the environment, to strengthen communities and create high quality jobs with dignity and purpose. Altafonte is a new member of the B Corp community, demonstrating by example how these results can be achieved.”

About the B Corp movement

B Corp is a global movement of people using the power of business to solve the social and environmental problems of the 21st century. There are currently more than 5,000 B Corp companies from 150 industries and 74 countries, and more than 100,000 companies use the B Impact Assessment. https://bcorporation.eu/

About B Lab Spain

 B Lab Spain is a non-profit organization that is transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet. It is the organization that promotes the B Corp movement in Spain and grants certification. Currently, in Spain, there are more than 150 B Corps, including Danone, Veritas, Ecoalf, Patagonia, Triodos Bank, Holaluz and many others. https://www.bcorpspain.es/

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