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AIR Announces Inaugural Indie-Con Australia (Adelaide, July 27/28)

Thursday 27th and Friday 28th July, 2017

Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Adelaide, SA

Established in the UK as the first conference of its type to truly address the needs and issues facing self-releasing artists and independent record labels, Indie-Con is now launching in Australia in conjunction with this years 11th AIR Awards (Australian Independent Record Labels Association).

The inaugural Indie-Con Australia will be held at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Adelaide on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th of July. Offering insights into the latest innovations and technological advancements in products, services and strategies available to the independent music sector, the two-day event will provide invaluable professional development opportunities across leadership and business performance skills,

Conference programmer Stu Watters comments Indie-Con Australia will feature unrivalled networking opportunities, workshops, panels, presentations and interviews with key industry players. One of the things that makes the independent sector truly appealing is that the business models are all quite diverse and they don’t fit a mould, they are cutting their own track along the way and this conference is all about sharing those stories. 

With subject matters like ‘Where’s My F*cking Money?’ And ‘What The Hell Is Block Chain?’, Indie-Con Australia will take a look at what’s really important to the independent sector. ‘State Of The Nations’ will review key developments in the copyright environment affecting indies both here and internationally, and explore a diverse range of topics including: safe harbour and why you should give a shit and EU copyright directive – what does that even mean?

There’ll be an in-depth look into the The Rise Of The Artist Run Label and stories of success and failure whilst analysing independence and what that actually means?

“The conversations happening outside the room are also just as important as those going on inside” Watters explains. “We’ll have great networking opportunities surrounding the event with many of our speakers travelling both nationally and internationally for that exchange.” 

Notable speakers include Portia Sabin (Kill Rock Stars/Future of What), Richard James Burgess (A2IM), Paul Pacifico (AIM), George Howard (Berklee/Forbes), Amy Dietz (InGrooves), Merida Sussex (Stolen Recordings/Paradse Motel) Jen Cloher (Milk Records) and Briggs (Bad Apples/A.B. Original), with Sebastian Chase (MGM) offering the Opening Keynote.

Through support from the South Australian Government, the annual Indie-Con summit will be held in Australia’s UNESCO City of Music for the next three years (2017-2019). 

Bordering the 11th AIR Awards ceremony and official after-parties, the conference will tie in with Adelaide’s Umbrella: Winter City Sounds and Scouted festivals and coincide with Winter Reds and Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival.

Providing strategic insights and recommendations, Indie-Con Australia is set to be an essential event in the Australian music industry’s calendar.

AIR members will receive invitations to attend Indie-Con Australia, with a limited number of tickets available for sale to non-members from July 6th, 2017 via www.air.org.au/indie-con-australia – book early to avoid disappointment!

AIR has also partnered with The Appointment Group and Peppers Waymouth (Mantra) giving guests and attendees the opportunity to take advantage of discounted travel offers directly with the Appointment group. For more on this email: [email protected]

2017 INDIE-CON AUSTRALIA SPEAKERS: Sebastian Chase (MGM), Portia Sabin (Kill Rock Stars/Future of What), Richard James Burgess (A2IM), Paul Pacifico (AIM), George Howard (Berklee/Forbes), Mishal Varma (Know What’s Loved), Amy Dietz(InGrooves), Joanna Syme (Pieater/Hotel Motel Records), Joe Alexander (Bedroom Suck), Jane Slingo (Young Strangers), Matt Rogers (UNFD), Matt Bird (Whitesky), Ashley Gay (Xelon), Tom Harris (Whitesky), Henry Compton (The Orchard), Karl Richter(Level 2/Disco), Kate Mills (Native Tongue), Tyler McLoughlin (The Soundpound), Ben Godding (AWAL/Kobalt), Jay Mogis(QUT/Nightlife), Lynne Small (PPCA), John Ferris (TMRW), Andy Hayden (Poison City Records), Nick O’Byrne (Lookout Kid), Katie Besgrove (Barley Dressed Records), Jen Cloher (Milk Records), Briggs (Bad Apples/A.B.Original), Susan Cotchin (IRR Music), Chris Maund (Liberation), Tim Kelly (Inertia), Merida Sussex (Stolen Recordings/Paradse Motel), Natalie Waller (ABC), James Limon (ABC), Maya Janeska (UNFD), Ben Martin (Golden Era Records) and more.

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