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Head Bitch Music (HBM) is a bold, honest, and diverse music company offering a full range of services to independent artists. Founded by songwriting and music industry veteran Jessica Vaughn and her partner Ryan Vaughn, Head Bitch Music strives to help independent artists – mainly women and LGBTQIA+ creatives – find their footing, their artistic voice, and gain agency in the music industry. HBM offers a myriad of services to their clients including full-service music production (studio time, production, mixing, and mastering), digital distribution, music licensing, publishing services, custom music, and more. 

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Jessica Vaughn
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Ryan Vaughn


Since its inception in 2019, Head Bitch Music has worked with hundreds of artists on nearly one thousand cumulative releases as of Q1 2023 under their label imprint HBM Records. HBM Records has helped release music from notable artists including Transviolet, Cheyenne Jackson, Catey Shaw, Cami Petyn, Dresage, Kids In America, Julian Velard, Cary Brothers, The Damnwells, LAYNE, Alexander Jean, Janelle Kroll, Ellee Duke, Catey Shaw, Brye, Olivia Knox, carly and martina, FLAVIA, and many more. Their catalog, which now includes more than 3,000 titles, has achieved more than 100 million streams on Spotify alone and has been featured on playlists including Spotify’s Created By Women and New Music Friday, as well as Apple Music’s Breaking Alternative and myriad mood playlists. 

HBM Records

HBM Records offers robust sync licensing services to their clients and artists, achieving placements for indie music in some of the biggest shows and commercials around the world. Notable recent syncs include Lucifer, Bridgerton, Ginny and Georgia, Young Royals, Good Trouble, Love Island, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and numerous other placements on networks including (but not limited to) The CW, Freeform, CBS, Amazon Prime, CMT, Netflix, NBC, HBO Max, Lifetime, OWN, ABC, SYFY, Hulu, and more. 

HBM Custom Music

HBM’s custom music division offers creative brand services, such as original theme music, re-imagined cover versions for sync and other special projects, sonic branding packages, vocal production, as well as creative direction for their clients. Their custom music clients have included Hasbro, Fox, Paramount (Viacom/CBS), Netflix, Tonies, and more. 

HBM Essential Stats

HBM Essential Stats 
● Catalog has nearly 4k titles and over 100M+ streams on Spotify alone 
● 365 releases in 2022 (see for yourself!)
● Notable syncs in shows including Lucifer, Bridgerton, Ginny and Georgia, Young Royals, Good Trouble, Love Island, and more; 
● 15+ features in Spotify’s Created by Women editorial playlist over the past year; 
● Recently landed the cover of Fresh Finds POP for La Rhonza’s “Afterthought” (week of June 14th)
● and so much more! 

Check out Jessica and Ryan Vaughn’s A2IM Featured Executive Spotlights Below!

Ryan Vaughn Featured Executive Spotlight

Jessica Vaughn Featured Executive Spotlight

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