Member Spotlight: AIMS API



A2IM Associate Member Spotlight: AIMS API

Are you ready for your company to start benefiting from the power of advanced Artificial Intelligence technology for music similarity searches?

AIMS is an AI-based tool that analyses each track and finds matching music in your catalog, providing the fastest, most accurate and advanced similarity search on the market.

Our tool will superpower your team, expanding your existing catalog beyond the possibilities of keyword searches and finding the right songs faster. Just input a track and you’ll get immediate results.

AIMS has time-saving applications for any independent label’s important tasks:

Curating: Get a better understanding of the local power of your catalog
Playlisting: Match your catalog to the current charts and get on the right playlists
Synch-Pitching: Work faster and more accurately, always pitching the right songs

We designed AIMS to be intelligent, fast, and easy to use. It’s a tool that will adapt to the needs of your team, helping you work more effectively and creatively, discovering new potential in your catalog while cutting costs and raising revenue.

AIMS can integrate into any music management software, and it couldn’t be easier to set up a demo with your own catalog.

Interested? This month all A2IM members can sign up for a free demo, so get in touch here! You can also contact Sr. Director of Business Development, Cory Sims Cory Sims directly at [email protected]