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Welcome Seth Bloom

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We received a couple of calls asking about A2IM’s new Washington D.C. Lobbyist, Seth Bloom, since the first regulatory filing occurred this past week and there were reports in the press. Seth Bloom, of Bloom Strategic Counsel PLLC, joined the A2IM team the first week of June to represent A2IM on Capitol Hill.  He will ensure that the interests of Independent music labels are represented in the discussions taking place on copyrights and music licensing in Congress and at Federal agencies like the U.S. Commerce Department, the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice. Prior to starting Bloom Strategic Counsel last year, Seth was General Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee.  Among other things, he led the Subcommittee’s investigation into the Universal/EMI merger in 2012.  At Bloom Strategic Counsel, Seth represents major clients in the media, telecom, and high tech sectors. More information on Seth and his firm can be found on his firm’s web site – Please join us in welcoming Seth to the A2IM team.


Net Neutrality Update

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The FCC filing period on Net Neutrality ended on July 15th with a million comments filed. We shared with you A2IM’s filing with FCC on Net Neutrality where we noted that an open Internet with equal access for all is essential for small and medium sized creators like A2IM’s music label members for both promotion and monetization.

On May 15th, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) voted to adopt Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal for an open Internet, triggering a 120 days period of comment on how the new rules should work. FCC Commissioner Wheeler said this vote will not question “whether or not there will be an open Internet, but how to assure an open Internet.”Wheeler said the FCC is dedicated to creating a level playing field for both consumers and Internet providers, but it has to be fair to all. “The prospect of a gatekeeper choosing winners and losers on the Internet is unacceptable,” said Wheeler. Commissioner Wheelers next comment concerns A2IM, “Wheeler said that while there may be opportunities for paid prioritization on the web in some cases, the FCC will never allow a situation where consumers do not get the level of service they paid for and were promised.”

The last comment by Commissioner Wheeler refers to Internet service providers like Comcast charging Internet services like Netflix to provide a faster better Internet route for Netflix’s to reach its customers. We believe this will result two Internets, a high speed Internet for some and a slower Internet for others, maybe for the content of small and medium sized creators like A2IM’s members. In addition there is an additional fear of Netflix passing these extra Internet costs back to the creators providing Netflix programming and to consumers, thus affecting creator company profit margins. FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, one of the three Democrats, is focused on our concerns. Rosenworcel called the Internet a “modern town square,” …. ”We cannot have a two-tier Internet with fast lanes for the privileged that leave the rest of us to follow,” she said.

A2IM will participate in these Net Neutrality debates in the coming days.

July 18,2014 Communications Daily article


A2IM files with the Federal Communications Commission on Net Neutrality

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In advance of the FCC’s meeting on May 15th when the Commission will consider Proposed Rulemaking related proposing enforceable rules to protect and promote an open Internet A2IM filed its comments on May 5th.

The need for an open Internet, a concept called “net neutrality”, is essential for small and medium sized creators like A2IM’s music label members. Without Net Neutrality we could end up back in the gatekeeper era with no direct access to consumers for promotion or monetization will occur as is the case for broadcast radio and physical retail where barriers to entry reign. Concerning events have already occurred like Netflix deal for better internet access with Comcast. Billboard reported that the FCC planned pay for faster internet standards, effectively a two Internet scheme. The FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler responded on the FCC .GOV Blog that that his intentions have been mis-interpreted, noting “To be very direct, the proposal would establish that behavior harmful to consumers or competition by limiting the openness of the Internet will not be permitted”. We’ll await next week’s FCC meeting but in the meantime A2IM’s filed comments are HERE.


A2IM issues Letter in support of FCC Authority on Net Neutrality

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The issue of Net Neutrality access is and will be an issue for Independent music creators as we have discussed numerous times in the past. The FCC support of Net Neutrality has been challenged In Congress so last week A2IM wrote to Senate Leaders in support of FCC jurisdiction and the FCC’s pro-Net Neutrality stance.


A2IM’s Filing on Net Neutrality

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A2IM filed letters this week with the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Intellectual Property subcommittee and the U.S. House of Representatives Energy & Commerce subcommittee on Communications and Technology in support of Net Neutrality in advance of hearings that were held this week.

Net Neutrality, as you know is a prime issue for A2IM members as it relates to all creators getting unfettered internet access for commerce and promotion and we support the FCC as having jurisdiction on this issue. A portion of our comments were included in Congress’ public record. (Link below).


A2IM submits comments to the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) on Net Neutrality

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In March 2010 A2IM filed comments with the FCC related to Net Neutrality, perhaps the biggest issue facing our community. Our statement highlighted the unique economic needs of the independent music community and the need to balance access versus the need to eliminate illegal acquisition of music.

In August Google and Verizon issued a joint statement which proposed two exceptions from net neutrality, the first related to “specialized services” that would be delivered via a separate internet pipe/service and the second related to mobile wireless internet access.

On October 12th A2IM filed revised comments in response to the Google/Verizon proposed exceptions noting that “we fear that the creation of these two exceptions from net neutrality could cause entrepreneurs and innovators, among which independent music labels must be counted, and the technology services that provide distribution services to our music label members to be foreclosed from competitive internet access, either by being priced out of the most desirable delivery mechanisms or by being squeezed out due to a drain on capacity in a “public pipe.”

We continued to note that “Independent music labels must have the ability to participate in a legitimate digital music marketplace as it continues its evolution. Yet the combination of these two net neutrality exceptions could result in new barriers and an anticompetitive situation for our music label members in terms of reaching consumers for the promotion of both music and commerce. Furthermore, the marketplace itself would be injured by not being able to benefit from the innovations that will ultimately help it reach its full commercial and cultural potential, with vital and ongoing contributions from our community of creators and innovators.”

Below is our A2IM filing with the FCC.

We seek your feedback and any questions you may have about Net Neutrality or the A2IM statement.

FCC link here