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Forbes – Indies: How Your Next-Door Neighbor Is Changing Commerce

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In a July 1 branding column in Forbes, which describes the surprising scale of the “Indie Movement” A2IM is mentioned as a source of statistics:

According to the American Association of Independent Music, 34.6% of the market for recorded music came from indie labels in 2013. While some of those labels are fair-sized businesses, many of them are the direct output of individual artists or bands.


Forbes 30 under 30 Music

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We congratulate our members, J Sider, founder of BandPage and Alex White, Co-Founder of Next Big Sound for their inclusion in Forbes 30 under 30 music list. See the full list HERE.


Indie # 1 – Queens Of The Stone Age

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We congratulate Matador on their #1 debut for Queens of the Stone Age earlier this month. Forbes captured the essence of the Indie ethos in their article (HERE) with this quote: “The independent record label, however, originated not in a profit motive but from a place of heartfelt passion and progression.” We congratulate all at Beggars and Matador!


Why Anti-Piracy Legislation Will Become Law

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From Forbes contributing writer Scott Cleland comes this very reasoned look at the anti-piracy bills currently making their way through Congress and his belief as to why they’re likely to pass in 2012.  Says Mr. Cleland in his piece, “While the anti-IP forces have disproportionate clout with social media, tech-oriented media, and the blogosphere, to create the perception of significant opposition to this legislation, their “chicken little – sky is falling” rhetoric has not gained traction because it is fact-challenged and way out of the mainstream, because America’s Constitution, economy, culture and success are predicated on enforceable property rights.”  To read the full article click HERE.